Phantasialand Fantissima experience: Gourmet indulgence and a whole lot of feeling

What is it like to dive into a completely new world for a weekend?? To be abducted virtually at your doorstep? And completely new events come crashing down on you? I had this experience in April, just a stone's throw from my front door.

My journey took me to the tranquil yet adventurous town of Bruhl, near Cologne, Germany. Here I was a guest at the Hotel Ling Bao and at the same time at the evening dinner show Fantissima on the grounds of Phantasialand. This is a delicious dinner like in a restaurant, which can also be booked with several people and a show at the same time.

Naked on vacation: naturism in Germany is experiencing a revival

"In the beginning it was a strange feeling to take your clothes off. You think everyone is looking. But then nobody looks at all. After all, they're all naked."Like the father of the family from Hesse at the nudist beach of Cuxhaven-Duhnen, many describe their "first time".

In the meantime, he and his wife have been coming every summer for five years with their daughter (now 10) and son (12) to "Nackedonien," as locals call the section. At first, more mundane reasons would have brought them here: better parking, more peace and quiet, lots of space, places sheltered from the wind.

Finding a host family: Tips for choosing

Whether it's for a student exchange, a language study trip, a study abroad program, or an au pair stay, finding a host family is often the most affordable way to stay abroad. This form of accommodation offers many advantages, but presents a challenge: You need to find a host family that suits you, because you may want to live with them for the entire next year. Although many organizations take this selection into their own hands, in the end everyone has to decide for himself or herself if he or she wants to stay with the host family. We show what you should look out for to have an unforgettable time during your stay abroad…

Finding a host family: Tips for the selection

Insider tips Stuttgart: 10 tips that are guaranteed to surprise you!

I'm sure you haven't tried any Swabian tapas yet? Walked through the mystical and oldest cemetery in Stuttgart and fed the squirrels? Insider tips Stuttgart: Versatile and above all surprisingly different! The city, which I got to know for the first time, has convinced me not only because of the great Swabian cuisine.

I have been in Stuttgart for a few days and have now summarized my highlights and tips for you. In addition to culinary discoveries and the best tips for this beautiful city in Germany, I'll also tell you why Stuttgart is also a city of views!

Carinthia sights – 10 tips for mountains and lakes

Carinthia in Austria is not only known for its almost Mediterranean climate and the proximity to Italy and Slovenia, but also because of the impressive and fascinating nature with many excursion destinations. Between turquoise-blue mountain lakes and the striking mountains, you can perfectly relax here on the edge of the Carnic Alps, take a vacation and get to know – and maybe even love – the regional cuisine and slow-food mentality.

Carinthia Sights

Hong Kong | Noodles for breakfast

Asia is a travel destination that I personally never had on my radar: too far away, too foreign, too loud, too dirty. (Almost) all prejudices, as Mr. Wallygusto told me after his business trips to China, Japan and Korea. With each of his business trips, my fascination for these countries grew especially Hong Kong was a big hit for me. Slowly but surely he infected me with his enthusiasm, so that last year we decided to visit the metropolis and special administrative region on the southern coast of the People's Republic of China together.

A few weeks ago I already gave you some impressions from Hong Kong, Lantau& Macau shown as an appetizer- finally the first of four travelogues is finished. I hope I can infect you a little bit with the fascination I felt and still feel for Hong Kong.

Climbing in Dahab / Sinai / Egypt – one of my best experiences

I like to move and have to do so because I sit a lot. But sports are ideal to clear your head. Through acquaintances I came to climbing and took part in a beginner course. This was one of the best experiences I have ever been to. I would almost compare it to the first dives I ever did. These are experiences that you simply will never forget. I will continue with climbing in any case. It's really fun and climbing is a great combination for body and mind. I will explain more later.

Climbing for beginners – great course

As we all know, a course is only as good as its instructors. The Red Sea Rock team is really great. I can appreciate it a little bit from diving. In both sports you have to be very strict and picky at the beginning, because otherwise people could get hurt.

Travel Destinations in Croatia

Our travel guides offer up-to-date information on important sights in Croatia. Here you’ll find detailed city guides, lesser-known destinations, reasons to visit one place or another, best places for couples, national parks, UNESCO World Heritage sites, and much more.

Whether you’re taking a cruise, a two-week family vacation, or a short weekend getaway, here’s information to help you better plan your time in Croatia.