Safari in Argentina: The Jaguar is Back in the Esteros del Ibera

S ofía Heinonen's eyes carefully scrutinize the horizon. A group of turkey vultures circles in the sky above the pampas. Some distance away, two swamp deer watch the approaching group of riders warily. "He can't be far," says the Argentine biologist, "maybe he snatched an animal there this morning." Slowly her horse starts to move. Heinonen set out that morning with colleagues from her organization, Rewilding Argentina, to track South America's largest predator, the jaguar.

But where has the king of the pampas hidden?? In the partly meter-high marsh grass it seems almost impossible to see one of the animals. Pablo Guerra Aldazabar raises the antenna of his receiver even higher, but no beep is heard. Just yesterday, the zoologist saw a female in the area wearing a radio collar. With his tracking device he tries to track him again today.

Travel Tip: Airbnbs in Israel

Travel Tip: Airbnbs in Israel

When I was traveling with Rica in Israel, we decided in advance not to book hotels, but to look for accommodation via Airbnb. Not only because it was cheaper, but also because we had the chance to meet people who live in Israel and could give us some tips. Originally I didn't plan to write a separate post about this, so there are only photos from one accommodation. Nevertheless, I would like to recommend you three accommodations that we particularly enjoyed.

Vietnam or Sri Lanka: Our tips for the indecisive

Unique landscapes, beautiful nature and cultural treasures – it is not easy to decide between Vietnam and Sri Lanka. That’s why our experts have 5 tips ready for you to help you find your perfect travel destination.

Table of Contents

1. Best time to travel and travel duration


Vietnam can be traveled all year round. Due to the different climate zones and the rainy season, you should plan your trip carefully beforehand. Our experts recommend the following travel times:

Outdoor photography: tips for beginners

Outdoors in nature there are countless motifs that take your breath away. To be able to remember experiences even after years, the moment wants to be captured photographically. You don't necessarily need expensive equipment to take a beautiful photo for the wall in your living room or for your photo album. The most important tips for ensuring that the photos also convey the perceived mood are summarized in the free e-book on outdoor photography from Ifolor.

Home office: 7 tips for working from home

Home office: 7 tips for working from home

Working from home definitely has its advantages. When your employers announced that you could work from home for an indefinite period of time, your eyes must have sparkled. Sleep longer, work on the sofa, all day in pajamas … these were also our first thoughts. We didn't expect the back pain and loneliness. For this, we now have the top tips on how you can make working from home as pleasant as possible and quench your wanderlust at the same time. Let's go.

Turkey e-Visa

The Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that allows its holder to stay in the country for up to 3 months. Eligible travelers can obtain the Turkey e-Visa by filling out an online form with their personal and passport information.

What is the e-Visa for Turkey?

The e-visa for Turkey is an official document that allows entry into Turkey. Citizens of the eligible countries can easily obtain their e-visa for Turkey via an online application form. The e-visa replaces the "sticker visa" and the "stamp visa, issued earlier at border crossings.

Easy to play Guilin landscape, you only need these instructions

Guilin is a tourist city rich in artistic images of mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers here are worth appreciating.Vacation is rare. If you want to travel freely and do not want to find a guide to organize information, then look below, a guide will help you get everything ~ Lijiang River locals, tailor-made for you , Guilin Yangshuo Lijiang River Pure Play 3-day customized tour (Swimming 5A Panorama Li River + Yulong River Artificial Bamboo Raft +

Guilin is a tourist city rich in artistic ideas of mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers here are worth appreciating.It is rare to have vacation. If you want to travel freely and don't want to find a guide to organize information, then look below, a guide will help you get everything~