Mango Sticky Rice Recipe from Thailand – Coconut Rice Dessert

This Mango Sticky Rice recipe is probably one of the most famous recipes and dishes in Thailand. The very first thing I was taught in my cooking classes in Thailand was how to make the delicious sticky rice with the subtle hint of coconut. The not for nothing Mango Sticky Rice is a .

Traditional Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

The traditional way to cook this rice is to steam it in a bamboo steamer in a cloth. Both cloth and bamboo steamers are also easily available in our country. But even without these two things you can prepare the delicious Mango Sticky Rice.

Short Trip: Pearls of the East – City Tour to St. Petersburg and Moscow

How to get there: By train from St. Petersburg to Moscow

So there we were, from the autumnal St. Petersburg on the way to Moscow – in a German ICE train. The "Sapsan", which we chose as an alternative to a domestic flight, exceeded our expectations. Not only did the high-speed train, which travels at speeds of up to 300 km/h, take us the 700 kilometers to Moscow in less than four hours. It was thereby even in the cheapest category, which we had booked in advance online for 35 € p.P. have booked, very comfortable. A real alternative to the domestic flight. Interesting is perhaps the fact that the trains were supplied by Siemens, but the software was a proprietary development. The software was much more expensive than the one offered by Siemens and is worse, but Russian.