Culinary travel bloggers reveal their favorite dessert

Sweet temptations, fragrant pastries and creamy ice cream. This is the stuff dreams are made of. Is there anything better than traveling with all your senses and not being able to resist the sugary delicacies on the roadside or in restaurants??

After all the goodies from the , there is always room for a second helping. Hungry for more, we now continue with the second of three parts. And this is what awaits you now:

Italy: The 10 most beautiful towns in Emilia Romagna

Between culinary delights, dreamy landscapes and dreamy medieval towns. Emilia-Romagna in Italy has something for everyone! Already 4 times I have traveled to the enchanting region in the north of Italy and can not be more delighted, moreover I have brought back many tips.

Did you know that Emilia-Romagna is famous for its culinary delights?? Not for nothing is Bologna also called La Grassa, the fat one. The food in Emilia Romagna is rich and above all characterized by tradition.