Japanese style pumpkin vegetables – Kabocha no Nimono

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The sun is now slowly losing its power, the leaves on the trees are turning golden yellow and are blown down by the wind. Autumn is coming – and with it the pumpkin season begins again. At harvest festivals and farmers' markets, the orange giants are making an entrance: there are Hokkaido pumpkins in masses. Just this month, the food bloggers' Culinary World Tour stops in Japan – so I was looking for a recipe in which the pumpkin season could be combined with the theme of Japan. So at the weekend we had a pumpkin vegetable with Japanese flavors to the delicious beef steak. What can I say: it became a successful experiment!

Japanese style pumpkin vegetable

Nature camping in Austria’s sunny south

So wonderful is a vacation in harmony with nature

Sustainability, environmental protection and the love of nature are topics that accompany us more and more – be it in everyday life, in mobility or even when it comes to vacations. Because it is often difficult to reconcile big travel plans with our ecological footprint. Instead of booking an exotic long-distance trip, more and more people spend their vacations in a nearby vacation destination. Austria and in particular Carinthia offer themselves for it outstandingly. On the sunny southern side of the Alps, Carinthia, the southernmost province of Austria, offers unparalleled natural beauty, cultural diversity and warm hospitality.

No one has to give up a vacation for the love of nature. Because with the right consciousness each journey can be arranged pollution free – and in addition it does not need often at all much. Gentle tourism is the magic word, which is heard more and more often. The aim is to have as little impact as possible on the nature we have visited, but at the same time to feel it as closely and intensively as possible. In this context, camping is experiencing a real renaissance – and especially nature camping.

With Qatar Airways to Chiang Mai: Five Highlights

It is one of the latest destinations to be added to the Qatar Airways schedule. Talking about Chiang Mai, also known as "The Rose of the North". The nickname is apt, because Chiang Mai is a wonderful destination, as our author Friederike Hintze discovered on her trip to Northern Ireland with Qatar Airways. We've got five highlights that you definitely shouldn't miss in Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Highlights #1: Wat Phra Sing

One of the most significant sights in Chiang Mai is Wat Phra Singh, the Temple of the Lion on Sam Lan Road (see starting image). It houses a copy of the holy Phra Buddha Sihing (also Phra Phutthasihing) statue. The original is in the National Museum in Bangkok. According to legend, the Phra Sihing Buddha in 360 n. Chr. have been brought from Ceylon to Siam. Wat Phra Singh was built in 1345 by King Pha Yu in the Lanna architectural style. The Buddha statue can be seen at Wiharn Lai Kham.

Language school Perth: English lessons on the wild west coast

Perth is located on Australia's west coast, known for its unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, fiery red earth, magnificent national parks, extraordinary flora & fauna and an authentic Down Under flair. Attending a language school in Perth is advisable for anyone who wants to experience the wild part of the 5. Continent would like to explore. Compared to the busy east coast, the west is much less touristy – and that despite countless sights of the absolute extra class. Although some of the highlights are quite far away from each other, the trips from A to B are often incredibly charming, because you simply can't get enough of the landscape.

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Excursion to dune surfing

Santander Travelcard with travel cancellation – test & experience

The Santander Travelcard is a MasterCard credit card. However, the "special features" are aimed at the group of people who travel more often. For an annual fee of 48 euros and ten euros for the additional card, the cardholder primarily receives a comprehensive insurance package. This consists of

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • International travel health insurance
  • Transport accident insurance
  • Purchase protection insurance

Test and experience

Santander Travelcard test report & experience report.

Park Inn Koln West – accommodation tip for Christmas markets in Cologne

Cologne, is always worth a visit. The Rhine metropolis enchants with its charm tourists, trade fair visitors as well as the locals a suitable hotel for the stay is the Park Inn Cologne West.

Especially during the Christmas season, there is something very special in the air in Cologne – Christmas spirit.With an impressive selection of Christmas markets, Cologne is guaranteed to meet everyone's taste. Whether colorful or flashy, full of art or classic, Cologne delivers a healthy mix of Christmas spirit.

Language School Brisbane: Learn English & great things to do

The capital of Queensland has developed into a very modern, multicultural and lively metropolis. Visiting a language school in Brisbane is a very popular activity for many people from all over the world, because here you can combine targeted English lessons with great leisure activities in mostly sunny weather. Throughout the year it is possible to do exciting things, spend time outdoors with fellow students and enjoy the varied city life in a relaxed vacation mood. In addition, Brisbane's surroundings are characterized by numerous top sights that almost no east coast tourist will miss out on.

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