Experience Japan’s cherry blossoms off the beaten track

A sea of pink and white as far as the eye can see. Everywhere the beguiling scent of millions of cherry blossoms is in the air. Under ancient trees, the Japanese spread out their picnic blankets. Because looking at the cherry blossoms, called Hanami, is a tradition in Japan. Every year in spring, locals and tourists gather all over the country to admire and celebrate the beauty of the cherry trees in blossom.

The special thing about the Japanese cherry trees is that they do not bear edible fruit, but a lot of blossoms. Like a colorful carpet, the cherry blossoms are gradually covering the whole country. It often starts on Okinawa in the south already in the middle of January and then slowly moves to the northeast, where it ends on Hokkaido at the beginning of May.

Top 5 reasons to travel to Finland in 2022

Strictly speaking, there are countless reasons to plan a trip to Finland in 2020. Bright summer nights, magical auroras in autumn and winter, and the friendly, easy-going Finnish way of life. This is one of the reasons why Finland was voted the happiest country in the world again this year. Five real highlights for which a trip to the far north is definitely worthwhile.

1. Slow Travel in Finnish Nature

70 percent of the total area of Finland consists of forests. The coastline of the Finnish archipelago extends over 1.100 kilometers. There are 14.000 islands in the lake region and around 70.000 islands in the coastal region – no wonder that there are about 40 national parks all over the country, which allow an easy and relaxed life with and in nature, not least due to the Everyman's Right. Finland is the greenest country in Europe and at the forefront when it comes to clean air. "Slow Travel" was already lived in Finland before this term even existed. Because Finns value their nature and draw a lot of strength and energy from the healthy use of their resources.