Delicious: dishes with cinnamon from all over the world

It is and remains my absolute favorite spice: cinnamon, the spice made from the dried bark of the cinnamon tree, is versatile and adds that certain something to both sweet and savory dishes – and from tea to pumpkin spice lattes to spirits, drinks also benefit from cinnamon.

Together with my fellow travel bloggers I have gathered here the most delicious dishes with cinnamon. Bon appetit!

Vietnam or Sri Lanka: Our tips for the indecisive

Unique landscapes, beautiful nature and cultural treasures – it is not easy to decide between Vietnam and Sri Lanka. That’s why our experts have 5 tips ready for you to help you find your perfect travel destination.

Table of Contents

1. Best time to travel and travel duration


Vietnam can be traveled all year round. Due to the different climate zones and the rainy season, you should plan your trip carefully beforehand. Our experts recommend the following travel times:

Turkey e-Visa

The Turkey e-Visa is an electronic travel authorization that allows its holder to stay in the country for up to 3 months. Eligible travelers can obtain the Turkey e-Visa by filling out an online form with their personal and passport information.

What is the e-Visa for Turkey?

The e-visa for Turkey is an official document that allows entry into Turkey. Citizens of the eligible countries can easily obtain their e-visa for Turkey via an online application form. The e-visa replaces the "sticker visa" and the "stamp visa, issued earlier at border crossings.