Tips for sustainable travel

Every_one of us likes to go on vacation, relax and take a break from the stressful daily routine. However, more than all of us, now nature is ready for a vacation. It would need a vacation from the global warming, from the garbage and from the human intervention. I love to recharge my batteries in nature, to listen to the sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds and to take a deep breath of a unique feeling of freedom. But not only we want to experience this feeling, but also the people of the next generations should be allowed to experience this feeling. But what if this will not be possible? Every person can contribute to sustainability and support the Earth instead of destroying it. Everybody can make a small contribution and together we leave a big ecological footprint!

In this blog post you will find some tips for eco-friendly travel that are quite simple to implement. Have fun reading and implementing!

Guest article: Traveling alone as a woman – the most important tips

Guest article: Traveling alone as a woman - the most important tips

Traveling alone as a woman? Of course. I am Evelyn, I have been traveling around the world for 7 months and I would like to share my experiences with you. I am a super spontaneous person and according to the motto Young & Wild & Free I went into the adventure of world travel only with hand luggage and without a plan. In the end there were 14 countries and a whole bunch of unique experiences and unforgettable experiences. I show you my world trip alone as a woman.

Easier travel: Tips for the onion look

Dressed cool and smart – without any stress at all. If you layer cleverly, you don't just conjure up a stylish look. One also travels smarter and with less luggage. Here are the best tips for the onion look.

Those who want to soak up the sun abroad in the fall or winter often face a challenge when it comes to packing. On the one hand you don't want to freeze on your trip, on the other hand you don't want your thick winter jacket to take up all your luggage. The twilight look is a stylish way to dress appropriately for the weather, yet fashionably, not only in the transition months from summer to fall and winter to spring. It is also the ideal travel look, so that relaxed travel with hand luggage is no longer a problem.

These are the top travel destinations in 2018

Summer, vacations, vacation time! It doesn't matter whether it's a beach vacation or a city trip, the main thing is to get away from it all . Summer is the perfect time for a vacation with friends, family, partner or even alone. But where to go? Not only Austria offers many great places to relax: our bloggers show you the most beautiful destinations for 2018 – from Athens to Tel Aviv to Sicily . Camera, sunglasses and sunscreen packed? Then we are ready to go!

# Verona

Travel blog Bavaria – travel information, travel reports, travel tips and travel destinations

Informative travel blog Bavaria popular destinations and tips for vacations to Bavaria – The vacation destination Bavaria is more than ever a destination for German and foreign tourists. Impressive nature with many mountains, forests, rivers and lakes that offer many sports and recreational opportunities. Likewise, there are numerous cultural treasures such as castles, palaces and churches to admire. In this travel blog you will learn everything about Bavaria, tips about excursion destinations, sights and leisure offers. Especially interesting are our insider tips, information for hikes that are not so well known. We also present suitable accommodations for the respective destinations.

travel info & travelogues, destinations in Bavaria historical buildings Trausnitz Castle

Our tips for camping in Denmark – vacation between North Sea and Baltic Sea

Wide dune landscapes behind endless beaches, idyllic towns and villages and always a refreshing breeze – Denmark may be a small country, but when it comes to relaxation, it's big. Come with us on a journey to a country that is one of the happiest countries in the world. We give you tips for camping in Denmark.

Camping Denmark

The James Bond Style: The best tips

The magic of 007? No question about it: it is the incomparable James Bond style that made the literary and film character a style icon. And how can this be translated into everyday life?? We show how you can adapt the James Bond style – without looking dressed up.

You Are Bond!

Before we get into the details of the James Bond style, let's talk about where the fascination with James Bond actually comes from? It is the coolness, coupled with an incorrigible charm – and a good pinch of optimism. The character James Bond grabs on and does not let himself be diverted from his path.

SIDEBOARD decorate properly, 5 TIPS that will help you

One of my absolute favorite furniture is the sideboards or the dressers. They always offer so much storage space that I can store all my vases, decorative things and lots of odds and ends in them and also have a good surface to decorate on. In addition, this furniture is often very classically designed, have clean lines and timeless look that they just fit into any room and any style.