Climbing in Dahab / Sinai / Egypt – one of my best experiences

I like to move and have to do so because I sit a lot. But sports are ideal to clear your head. Through acquaintances I came to climbing and took part in a beginner course. This was one of the best experiences I have ever been to. I would almost compare it to the first dives I ever did. These are experiences that you simply will never forget. I will continue with climbing in any case. It's really fun and climbing is a great combination for body and mind. I will explain more later.

Climbing for beginners – great course

As we all know, a course is only as good as its instructors. The Red Sea Rock team is really great. I can appreciate it a little bit from diving. In both sports you have to be very strict and picky at the beginning, because otherwise people could get hurt.

At this point it is perhaps appropriate to briefly introduce the team. I may use the pictures with kind permission @gen.morris.use travel. Thanks!




Timo sees everything. He corrects every little sloppiness immediately and explains why. This is a praise at this point and not a criticism. Above all, there must be no carelessness when belaying, because the person on the rock must be able to rely on you. If the other person falls, you are the life insurance at the other end of the rope. It sounds dramatic, but that's exactly how it is. If the other person falls from 7 or 8 meters onto a rock … I don't need to explain that further, or?

In the course there was also a lot of laughing and fun, but when it came to belaying it was fortunately very serious. I am glad and thankful that the climbing instructors of Red Sea Rock were really strict about it.

Awkward at the beginning

For me the shoes were a completely new experience. At first you think they drive you into the deserts, torture you with too tight shoes and you pay for it.

But as soon as you realize how much support these slippers give you – it's a real aha effect. You can stand on the smallest ledges with these things and they hold you up. I find that completely fascinating.

It's really amazing how much support these shoes give when climbing - you can just stand there with the tips of your toes ..

You also have to learn the right weight transfer. In the beginning I didn't trust the shoes and therefore made wrong moves. You won't get far with that on a vertical wall. The Red Sea Rock team let us experiment a bit ourselves at first, but then supported us with the right tips.

As soon as the first progress became noticeable, the thing naturally became more and more fun. Of course you climb relatively easy routes in the beginning – but it's still a great feeling when you make it to the end of the route.

Climbing – solving the puzzle

At the beginning of this post I had mentioned that the sport is good for the mind and body. Of course climbing is exhausting, you can easily imagine that.

What is also fascinating for me is that climbing is like solving a puzzle. It is not a directly prescribed route up, but a guideline. Then you try to find a solution for the route.

That means groping, trying things out and so on. Where can I stand? At what point can I pull myself up? Where can I push myself up?

If an attempt fails, you fall into the secured rope. Then you just try it again. The feeling of being able to solve the puzzle is really great. A combination of mind and body gives you a crazy reward.

But I also have to say that the group was really great. Everyone has been supportive, setting up, cheering everyone on and so on. With people like this a course is really fun. Thanks!

Thanks to the great group and thanks again to the patient team of Red Sea Rock - climbing in Dahab is great!

A good tired at the end of the day

When the day is coming to an end, you are tired. Your feet are burning, your body is screaming break and so on. I used muscles that I don't normally use. Of course you notice that.

But it's a good burn – a good tire. You have done and achieved something. The reward is a feeling of happiness that accompanied me even a few days after the three-day course. This is priceless – you can do the course with the … who said that advertising does not work? 😉

In any case, I decided to continue this sport. For a day out climbing I like to leave the screen dark in the future. So it may be that in the future one or the other Linux news will have to wait a bit.


In summer it is much too hot to climb in Dahab. But in winter the conditions are ideal. When it is frosty cold in Europe, the temperatures here are ideal.

You need warm clothes anyway, because many routes are in the shade and especially in the morning it can be quite zapfig in Dahab and surroundings.

If you book your climbing excursion with the local companies, they will instruct you accordingly. So do not worry – you will not freeze to death. 🙂

Since it hardly rains in Dahab, you can go climbing every day, if the season fits and you feel like it.

Here are some answers – a little FAQ

Where you can climb everywhere is best to contact Red Sea Rock. I thought it was really good as a beginner in Dahab. That was really fun.

Yes, definitely. This is even really fun. So the KLetter fever has already caught me a bit here.

No. You don't drive long to the routes and you are back in your accommodation in the evening.

My course was primarily in English. Gen and Timo speak German and Amira speaks Arabic as well as English. Maybe they know more languages, but the ones just mentioned are guaranteed.

Yes, I have. Of course, the first few minutes on the rock are unfamiliar and the fear of falling is there. But as soon as you know that someone is belaying you, the feeling quickly disappears and you can concentrate on climbing.

In any case. Some parts looked as good as new. The team is very careful that no equipment is lying in the dirt and so on. I had no worries at all with Red Sea Rock equipment – at no time.

Absolutely. As mentioned in the article, even small things were corrected immediately. The language was clear, calm and unmistakable. That's how a course should be, I think. There are really parallels to diving here, so I can appreciate it a bit.

I honestly do not know. However, climbing is becoming more popular in Dahab and the teams want to create more routes, we were told. During my course was definitely enough space for everyone.
Update: I checked and there are already more than 100 routes in the area around Dahab.

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