Delicious: dishes with cinnamon from all over the world

It is and remains my absolute favorite spice: cinnamon, the spice made from the dried bark of the cinnamon tree, is versatile and adds that certain something to both sweet and savory dishes – and from tea to pumpkin spice lattes to spirits, drinks also benefit from cinnamon.

Together with my fellow travel bloggers I have gathered here the most delicious dishes with cinnamon. Bon appetit!

Sweet dishes with cinnamon

Aletria: pasta dish with cinnamon from Portugal

A cinnamon classic from Portugal is the sweet pasta dish aletria. Traditionally, it is put on the table as a dessert on Christmas Eve. We got to know it during our 11-month trip to Europe, when we were guests of a family in Arouca. In details, the preparation differs by region. So we were told a shot glass full of port wine as an essential ingredient. In the recipes that I quickly looked up on the Internet, port does not appear at all. That plenty of cinnamon belongs on the matter, however, the Portuguese seem to be in agreement nationwide.

The nice thing is: All ingredients are also available in Germany. Although mistakes can easily be made by novice cooks during preparation – hot milk and egg being the key words – cinnamon is a very good ingredient. But once you get the hang of it, aletria is quick to prepare and can be on the table in half an hour.

The main ingredient of Aletria is vermicelli containing eggs. They are cooked in milk with lemon zest – and port wine! – flavored. In our version, three egg yolks make the mixture set and can be eaten cake-like with a fork. Other recipes omit it, so the consistency is more like rice pudding.

Aletria Portugal

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Traditionally cinnamon-y: Apple strudel from Austria

Apple strudel is the favorite pastry of the Austrians. No restaurant with real Austrian cuisine can do without the puff pastry with a filling of apples, raisins soaked in rum, grated walnuts, sugar, lemon water and cinnamon. It is served with whipped cream, a vanilla sauce and in more modern recipes with ice cream.

The cinnamon is essential for the taste of the filling of the apple strudel. The apples are first cut into small pieces and sprinkled with lemon water. This prevents the apples from turning brown. The apple filling is topped with sugar, raisins soaked in rum and a good portion of cinnamon to round off the taste. As soon as the liquid from the apples has come out a little, the grated walnuts are mixed into it. If the filling is too moist, the puff pastry will shrink.

A real hand-pulled puff pastry in Vienna is so thin you can read a newspaper through it. The finished strudel filling is wrapped in it in several layers. Before baking, the puff pastry is brushed with egg yolk, so that it takes on a more beautiful brown color. Depending on personal taste, the finished strudel is topped with powdered sugar. Who likes it, can also sprinkle a little cinnamon over it. The typical garnish for an apple strudel is a vanilla sauce or a portion of whipped cream. In a Viennese coffeehouse, this is accompanied by a Melange, which is an Austrian latte.

The former Imperial and Royal Court Confectionery Demel near the Hofburg is famous for its handmade strudels. At Schonbrunn Palace there is a strudel show that demonstrates the proper preparation of a real Viennese apple strudel. Other good places to go for an apple strudel are traditional Viennese coffee houses, for example the Imperial, Sacher or Central.

Apple strudel with vanilla sauce and whipped cream

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Cinnamon Rolls from the USA

The Scandinavians have their cinnamon rolls, the USA the American equivalent: Cinnamon Rolls exist in countless variations, but one thing must never be missing: The thick cinnamon-sugar layer already incorporated into the dough. Also in Berlin there are some cafes and bakeries that offer original Spanish Cinnamon Rolls, you can find my favorites in my article about the best cinnamon roll in Berlin.

recipe cinnamon rolls american cinnamon rolls

Dessert cream from Spain with cinnamon. Crema Catalana

The Crema Catalana comes, as you can probably already guess from the name, from my adopted country Catalonia. There it has been enjoyed for dessert by young and old for several generations. But the delicious dessert is not only so well received in Catalonia, because it is one of the most popular sweet dishes in Spain and is also very popular in Portugal.

At first sight, the sweet cream is very similar to the French crème brulee. However, if you take a look at the ingredients list, you will find the crucial difference between the two desserts: The cinnamon. This is what gives the Catalan version its unique taste. In addition, lemon peel is added and milk is used instead of cream, as is the case with the French version.

The name of the delicious Catalan custard comes from a legend that a priest didn’t have time to wait for the custard to cool down. Of course, he burned his mouth on the freshly cooked cream and shouted “Crema!which in Catalan means “it burns”!” means.

Crema Catalania from Spain

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The northern German version of the cinnamon bun: Franzbrotchen from Hamburg

The Franzbrotchen belongs to Hamburg and also only here it tastes as it should really taste: Butter tender and extremely cinnamony. Who makes the very best Franzbrotchen in Hamburg, that’s a matter of opinion and taste, my favorite so far: the little pastry shop in Eimsbuttel.

french roll from hamburg with cinnamon

Croatian apple pie with cinnamon: KolaC od jabuka

Probably the most heavenly sweet in the world and on top of that a wonderful taste experience with cinnamon, is the KolaC od jabuka – the typical Croatian apple pie. Granted, apple pie is probably not the fanciest dish, but if you’ve ever tried this pie on a trip to Croatia, you’ll know why I chose this confection.

Whether for breakfast, hot or cold, with afternoon coffee or as a dessert, this fabulous cinnamon dish really does go all the time! Made quite simple, and with a sweet and tart apple cinnamon filling combined with the modified shortbread and a layer of sugar on top, you experience a real treat when eating it. For me personally one of the best apple pies in the world and a real must-try for all cinnamon fans.

Yes, the best KolaC od jabuka I have tasted so far was on the island of Rab. Many more tastings will definitely follow though…

croatian apple pie with cinnamon

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Plantains with cinnamon: Platano maduro al caldero from the Dominican Republic

“Platano Maduro al Caldero” (translated “ripe plantains from the cauldron”) is a typical dish from the Dominican Republic, which has plantains and cinnamon as its main ingredients. Even though it is very sweet, it is mainly a side dish to savory dishes (which makes a wonderful contrast), but of course it can also be eaten as a dessert.

The preparation is very simple. Only the very ripe plantains are cut into larger pieces (approx. The bananas are cut into quarters, placed in a pan with oil and cinnamon sticks (sugar, rum or cloves can be added if desired) and heated until the plantains slowly turn brown. After about 10 minutes of frying, the “Platanos Maduro al Caldero” are already done.

The most important thing for successful “Platanos Maduro al Caldero” are the plantains. These are usually bought green. You can buy them not only in the Dominican Republic, but also in Germany at well-stocked fruit dealers or in larger Asian stores. To get ripe plantains, you have to leave them until they are almost black on the outside. This doesn’t look very appetizing and goes against our natural feeling for bananas, but it’s the only way to make them really sweet and give them the right (soft) consistency. Then, when the fruit flies slowly settle on the plantains, the plantains are really ripe for desserts.

plantains with cinnamon

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The classic: Kanelbullar – Swedish cinnamon buns

I love cinnamon almost everywhere in pastry. Even in my morning porridge there is always a subtle hint of cinnamon. How good that Kanelbullar – the Swedish name for the delicious pastries – also contains a good portion of cinnamon.

The Swedes love their cinnamon buns so much that they have even given it its own holiday, which they celebrate annually on 4. celebrate october. On that day they bake what the stuff holds their favorite pastry. By the way, you can find it everywhere in Sweden, even at the gas station.

By the way, to bake the Swedish cinnamon buns you need almost exclusively basic ingredients like flour, yeast, milk, butter, sugar, cardamom, salt, vanilla sugar and of course cinnamon. And with yeast it does not have to be normal yeast, but the cinnamon buns also succeed wonderfully with dry yeast. If you don’t have any cardamom on hand, you can leave it out if necessary.

Swedish cinnamon buns

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Sounds funny, is super delicious: Snickerdoodles are very soft and juicy sugar-cinnamon cookies from the U.S. Contrary to what you might think, the cookies have nothing at all to do with Snickers – possibly the name was derived from the German word “Schneckennudeln” (snail pasta). The recipe for Snickerdoodles is totally easy and you don’t need any special ingredients for it either – perfect if you need something quick for your afternoon coffee. In the United States, you can get snickerdoodles mostly on the East Coast, z.B. in Pennsylvania – and in the Amish stores and markets.

snickerdoodles recipe cinnamon cookies

Childhood memories: Semolina porridge with cinnamon sugar

Since my childhood I know and love semolina porridge. My mother used to bring it to my bed every morning until puberty. An absolute soul food for me. When I am sick, I cook myself a semolina porridge and then everything will be fine again.

My recipe for semolina porridge: First separate an egg and beat the egg white until stiff. Then add 3 tbsp (grape) sugar and 90 g soft wheat semolina to 500 ml milk. Bring the milk mixture to a boil, stirring constantly, otherwise the porridge will burn really quickly. As soon as a creamy consistency is created, remove the pot from the stove and continue stirring briefly. Then stir in the egg yolk and the stiffly beaten egg white.

Of course there is cinnamon sugar to go with it. For this, mix 2 tablespoons of sugar with a level teaspoon of ground cinnamon and then spread the mixture lavishly over the semolina porridge. Best eaten warm.

By the way, semolina pudding tastes almost a little bit better if you not only sprinkle cinnamon sugar over it, but also ground hazelnuts. Yummy!

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semolina porridge with cinnamon and sugar

Not only for Thanksgiving: Pumpkin Pie from the USA

Pumpkin Pie is a traditional dessert of the US cuisine, which is especially popular at Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. So it doesn’t belong in the summer, but in the fall and winter, the classic pumpkin time just! Because we always only pumpkin soup is too boring and the husband does not like it very much, I dared to try the American classic. And the hubby likes this kind of pumpkin preparation. I think a pumpkin pie is perfect for cold but cozy fall weekends. Just the aroma of shortbread, cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg, which runs through the entire apartment.

My recipe uses a classic shortbread, as usual. If this one scares you a bit: you can also find quite good tasting ready-made shortbread in the refrigerated section of the supermarket. In the US, you can buy refrigerated, frosted or ready-baked Pie Shells in any supermarket. Unfortunately we have to do without this comfort in this country.

The filling of the pies I make from pumpkin, egg and cream cheese instead of the usually used sweetened condensed milk. The mixture is spiced with cinnamon, ginger, cloves and nutmeg. Then bake the pie until the filling is just set, but no crust has formed yet. Once cooled, you can enjoy it with sweetened whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Re-bake? Here you can find the Pumpkin Pie recipe.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

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Hearty dishes with cinnamon

Pineapple curry with cinnamon from Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, was considered the cinnamon island even in the Middle Ages. It was an important stop on the Portuguese spice route that stretched from the Cape of Good Hope to India to the Moluccas in the sixteenth century. About 100 years later, the Dutch established the first plantations for the premium product Ceylon cinnamon, for which Europe was crazy, and made rich profits with the pleasantly fragrant spice.

Cinnamon still plays a role in the economy and in the cuisine of Sri Lanka. Unlike the cheaper cassia cinnamon from China, Ceylon cinnamon does not contain coumarin, which can be harmful to the liver in large quantities. A pleasure without regrets. In Sri Lanka, cinnamon enhances desserts as in Europe, but also belongs in many curries.

The Sri Lankan pineapple curry with cinnamon is one of my favorite dishes because it combines sweetness and spice beautifully. Countless times I have eaten it during my visits to the island. A real soul food that I cook at home when I have a longing for Sri Lanka. Fortunately it is quite uncomplicated in the preparation. It is important that the quality of the pineapple and the spices are right. Then just chop, steam, stir and the deliciousness is on the table. In addition, of course, there is rice.

Pineapple Curry Sri Lanka

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