Easier travel: Tips for the onion look

Dressed cool and smart – without any stress at all. If you layer cleverly, you don't just conjure up a stylish look. One also travels smarter and with less luggage. Here are the best tips for the onion look.

Those who want to soak up the sun abroad in the fall or winter often face a challenge when it comes to packing. On the one hand you don't want to freeze on your trip, on the other hand you don't want your thick winter jacket to take up all your luggage. The twilight look is a stylish way to dress appropriately for the weather, yet fashionably, not only in the transition months from summer to fall and winter to spring. It is also the ideal travel look, so that relaxed travel with hand luggage is no longer a problem.

What is actually the Zwiebellook?

In the onion look, garments are combined in layers according to the onion-skin principle. Instead of a thick sweater for ladies who like it cozy, or a bulky jacket, wear instead thin garments on top of each other to keep the body warm, have freedom of movement and be able to take off parts of the outfit depending on the temperature.

The different layers serve for heat insulation, moisture is better removed and the air can circulate better. This way, you can easily put together travel outfits that take up little space in your luggage, work in any weather, and look really good while doing it. Whether for sports activities or simply for everyday travel, the two-layer look always works.

Here are the best tips for a successful two-layer look.

Tips for the two-layer look

Tips for the onion look

In the best case, the look consists of three layers: Base layer, insulation layer and outer layer. Each layer has its own task. The base layer regulates moisture by wicking away perspiration. Thermal underwear is suitable for this layer. While the base layer ensures that you don't freeze, the insulating layer keeps you toasty warm. Fleece sweaters are ideal for this. Depending on the temperature, the insulating layer is not always necessary. The outer layer keeps wind and rain out. Here, many opt for water-repellent materials, such as softshell jackets or down jackets, but an oversize sweater for women can also be a good choice when it's not raining.

1. Color coordination

In order for the two-piece look to work, color coordination is essential. Too many different colors are unflattering and quickly make the outfit look obtrusive. Zwiebellook beginners are best limited at first to one or two colors, which are combined in layers. The colors should be oriented primarily to the pants. Whether classic in black and white, in earthy tones or in caramel, there are hardly any limits to the imagination here. Even a plain look can look really cool. Here you should make sure that the different color nuances harmonize.

2. Mix materials

A mix of materials works best with the Zwiebellook. A knitted sweater over a knitted sweater wears on, a knitted sweater over a thin ladies sweater, however, looks elegant. Cotton is more suitable for the second or third layer, because it stores moisture, while natural fibers such as merino wicks away sweat. In addition to knitwear and cotton, a women's sweater made of coarse knitwear over a light silk blouse or a leather jacket over a check shirt can also look trendy.

Of course, the shoes should not be forgotten, especially when traveling. Shoes made of genuine leather are especially good, because they are breathable and prevent sweaty feet on long sightseeing tours or hikes.

3. Different lengths

Casual and loose looks the Zwiebellook, if you combine different lengths with each other. For a fashionable layered look, you can combine a short women's sweater over an undershirt with a long cardigan, for example. In cold weather simply a leather jacket over it and ready is the travel outfit.

4. Choose a highlight

So that the travel outfit does not look pieced together and becomes confusing, it is best to choose two unexciting basics and one eye-catcher. The highlight can be a sweater with a logo print, a check shirt or simply a piece in a power color like red. This gives the look that certain something.

No matter whether you prefer it sporty or chic, with the onion look you have many combination possibilities, which are not only stylish, but also practical and space-saving. Often you only need a few fashion basics that harmonize with each other and one or two eye-catchers and you can create numerous great looks from just a few pieces that can withstand any kind of weather.

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