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Guilin is a tourist city rich in artistic images of mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers here are worth appreciating.Vacation is rare. If you want to travel freely and do not want to find a guide to organize information, then look below, a guide will help you get everything ~ Lijiang River locals, tailor-made for you , Guilin Yangshuo Lijiang River Pure Play 3-day customized tour (Swimming 5A Panorama Li River + Yulong River Artificial Bamboo Raft +

Guilin is a tourist city rich in artistic ideas of mountains and rivers, and the mountains and rivers here are worth appreciating.It is rare to have vacation. If you want to travel freely and don't want to find a guide to organize information, then look below, a guide will help you get everything~

Local aboriginal, tailor-made for you, Guilin Yangshuo Lijiang Pure Play 3-day tailor-made tour (Tour 5A panoramic Lijiang River + artificial bamboo raft on the Yulong River + experience a romantic hot air balloon + travel to the filming site of Reed Flute Cave in the West + lifelong must-see performance Eternal Love + punch card Guilin City Emblem Elephant Trunk Hill + Encounter Romantic Westerners West Street)

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XNUMX. The most important thing for lazy people to travel

1. Do you want to get up early?

The world is so big, I want to see it. Traveling means getting up early. In contrast, more and more young people prefer to sleep late~

Solution: Try not to go on vacation if possible. There are traffic jams on the roads, and the viewpoints are also crowded. If you can only travel on vacation, it is also recommended to minimize the viewpoints 1-2 viewpoints per day, you can still sleep until you wake up naturally before going out.

2. Is it convenient to go to the sights?

For those who want to travel independently, it is very difficult to find a car.Most of the scenic spots in Guilin do not have direct bus service from the city to the viewpoint, so it is also very tiring to change buses.

Solution: if possible, you can drive yourself or it is more convenient to rent a car locally.

3. How to buy the ticket

To travel, tickets must be booked in advance online, especially in high season, and it may not be possible to buy tickets temporarily at scenic spots.Although we advocate travel on the road, food, accommodation and travel must be planned in advance.

Solution: to solve the problem of food, accommodation and travel, group travel is undoubtedly the best choice, or find more experienced local travel agencies to customize independent travel, which is also a relatively new way of travel nowadays.

XNUMX. What are the must-play places in Guilin?

1. Longji Rice Terraces

If you have enough time, it is recommended to stay one night, watch the sunset in the evening and the sunrise in the early morning.You can experience the simplest ethnic culture in the area.
The most popular villages in the rice terraces of Longji are Jinkeng Dazhai and Ping'an village.Jinkeng Dazhai is the only palisade in Longji with a cable car going up and down the mountain, so for lazy people, Jinkeng Dazhai must be chosen~

Opening hours: all year round, ticket exchange time 8:00-16:30
Shelf Price: 95
Play time: 3-5 hours
Transportation: 1. Take the Longji Special Line to Jinkeng, the whole trip takes about 2.5 hours, usually a car will depart from Guilin Xiangjiang Hotel Station or Guilin North Railway Station, about 55 yuan per person.
2. Take the bus at Guilin Qintan Station and get off at Longsheng, then transfer to the scenic special line to Jinkeng Dazhai. The total fare is about 55 yuan per person. This method is more difficult and takes a long time. The whole trip takes about 4-5 hours.
3. Independent chartered car, if you are traveling with three or five friends or family, it is recommended to rent a car to go directly to Dazhai. The fare for a day for a 5-seater car is about 500 yuan, which is about the same as the cost of your own ride.
4. If you don't want to worry about the ride and tickets, you can also sign up for a day trip, which is more worry-free.The cost is about 140 yuan per person, including fare + tickets, which is relatively inexpensive.
Food recommendation: there are many restaurants in the nearby area, you are free to choose, bamboo rice and bamboo chicken are worth tasting!

Self-driving is not recommended to go to Longji because the road to Longji is winding and twisting, and there are many ups and downs on the road.If you are not familiar with the road conditions, the safety factor of self-driving is not high.At the same time, the viewpoints of Longji are relatively scattered and self-driving is more bumpy.In general, it is more recommended for everyone to charter a car or join a day trip, which is convenient and inexpensive.

2. Li River

Guilin scenery is the best in the world, and Li River is the best embodiment of this sentence: Yang Di, Nine Horses Huashan, the reflection of the yellow cloth, the background of XNUMX Yuan RMB, the ancient city of Xingping, etc. are the essence of the Lijiang River.A random shot is a landscape painting.When swimming in the Li River, the whole person will be very relaxed~

There are two main ways to visit Li River, one is by bamboo raft and the other is by cruise ship.
Selling price: 245 yuan per person for Samsung Cruise, 118 yuan per person for Lijiang Bamboo Raft Yangdi-Nine Horse Painting Mountain section
Playing time: cruise ca. 4 hours, bamboo raft approx. 40 minutes
Transportation: 1. For cruise ships, it is recommended to book tickets online in advance.Travel agencies generally provide urban delivery to the wharf, which is more convenient.If you go to the wharf alone, firstly, there is no direct bus to the wharf, you need to take a cab there, and the cab fee is about 100 yuan.
2. Bamboo rafts on the Li River Bamboo rafts are taken at Yangdi Wharf In the urban area, you can take the bus to Yangdi at Guilin South Station, the fare is about 15 yuan.
Food recommendation: when you arrive at Lijiang River, of course you must try Lijiang river fish.The speciality is the beer fish, which is highly recommended!

There are restrictions on taking bamboo rafts. Children under 1.2 meters, the elderly over 70 years old and pregnant women are not allowed to ride on the rafts. There are no restrictions on cruise ships, so you can choose according to your actual situation.

3. Shili Gallery

The Shili Gallery is also a must see in Yangshuo. It is recommended to choose bicycle. There are car rental stations all around the county. If you are physically fit, you can choose bicycles. In general, you can choose electric vehicles. Totem Ancient Road , Zhuangyuan Trail, Butterfly Spring, Big Banyan Tree, Yulong River, etc., the whole way is beautiful, you can play as much as you like!

Opening hours: 08:00-18:00
Market ticket: free ride
Tour time: all day
Transportation: there are many rental car stations in the county, which can be freely chosen.Bicycles usually cost 20 yuan/vehicle/day, electric vehicles cost 50 yuan/vehicle/day.
Food recommendation: there will be some aunties around the shili gallery attractions selling fried fish, you can try it.

Shili Gallery advises against driving yourself. In the picturesque area there are traffic controls, and vehicles with more than four wheels are not allowed to enter during the day.

4. Rafting on Yulong River

Yulong River is the longest tributary of Li River in Yangshuo. It is called Little Li River. The scenery on both sides of the river is as beautiful as a jasper, and the river is crystal clear. You can see small fish swimming in the water One of the most beautiful rafting routes.For lazy people, the Jinlong Bridge-Jixian section is recommended, which is more classic, has the longest playing time and is most popular.

Opening hours: 08:00-16:00
Market entry: 320 yuan / raft, 2 people per raft
Tour time: approx. 80 minutes
Transportation: 1. Jinlong Bridge-Jiuxian recommends that it is much cheaper to book tickets online, and there is a special bus to pick up and drop off.
2. If you go by bus alone, you can take the Yangshuo-Jinbao minibus at Yangshuo bus station and get off at Jinlong Bridge.The ticket costs about 5 yuan per person.

If you choose to go rafting for Jinlong Bridge – Jiuxian, you can also visit Yulong Bridge and Fuli Bridge.The old bridge has a sense of history, and the photos are also very artistic.

5. Yangshuo West Street

West Street is also a must-see in Yangshuo. At night, you can have beer and fish near West Street. After dinner, you can find a clear bar where you can listen to music and drink small wines. Now there are also many music restaurants , the prices are not expensive, and you can eat while eating, it is also a pleasure to listen to music.

Opening hours: all day
Tickets: Free of charge
Tour time: 2-5 hours
Transportation: Yangshuo county is not big, it will be a little difficult to take a cab, there are many local motorcycles, you can check the distance to the hotel when booking a hotel.Walking is recommended for those who can walk.

When eating in Yangshuo, it is recommended to make a reservation in a certain group or check first, including the drink price when going to a bar, to avoid eating over the estimated range.

XNUMX. How to arrange the most convenient itinerary for independent travel?

1. Three days

D1 Arrive in Guilin, check-in at the hotel and visit the east and west alleys of the city center at night, the Xiaoyao building and Ronghu Lake
T2 Guilin Lijiang Bamboo Rafting Cycling Shili Gallery Night walking on the west road Overnight in Yangshuo
T3 Yangshuo Yulong River Rafting Return Home

With only 3 days, you can't miss these attractions!

2. Four days

D1 Arrive in Guilin, check-in at the hotel and visit the east and west alleys of the city center at night, the Xiaoyao Building and Ronghu Lake
D2 Guilin Lijiang Bamboo Rafting Yinziyan Night Walk West Street Live in Yangshuo
D3 Yangshuo cycling Ten miles gallery Yulong River rafting Live in Yangshuo
D4 Sleep until you wake up naturally, return home

Very easy itinerary, you can sleep until you wake up naturally every day, and then leave for the attractions.Best for lazy people.

3. Five days

D1 Arrive in Guilin, check-in at the hotel and visit the east and west alleys of the city center at night, the Xiaoyao Building and Ronghu Lake
D2 Guilin Longji Terraced Fields Jinkeng Dazhai Golden Buddha lives on Longji
D3 Longji Terraced Fields Return to Guilin in the afternoon, stay in Guilin
D4 Guilin Lijiang Bamboo Rafting Cycling Shili Gallery Night walking on the west road Overnight in Yangshuo
D5 Yangshuo Yulong River Rafting Live in Yangshuo

The above are the top attractions, if you have enough time, you can visit them all!

Guilin Panorama 4-day customized tour (Thousand-story Longji ladder + 5A panoramic Li River tour + artificial bamboo raft on Yulong River + lifetime must-see performance Eternal Love + check-in emblem of Guilin city Elephant Trunk Hill + meet romantic westerners West Street)

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Fourth, travel arrangements

1. The best tourist season in Guilin is from September to November every year, because Guilin has less rainfall at this time, the climate is also very suitable, neither cold nor hot, the amount of water in the Lijiang River is moderate, and the rice is just ripening in the Longji Terraces.
2. When you get to Guilin at the train station, some aunties or drivers will solicit customers, often attracting tourists with low prices, and then sell various tourist attractions or routes after you get on the bus, and even pull you directly there the tourism sales department. First, there is no security guarantee for buying their products, and second, they receive high commissions from them, and the prices are inflated, and many of these drivers are black drivers or private cars, which have great potential security risks, everyone must choose a normal means of transportation to get to the city.
3. The weather in Guilin changes a lot, so it is recommended to prepare rain clothes.If you are traveling in the summer, prepare umbrellas, sunscreen and friends who have motion sickness, remember to bring motion sickness medication and cool oil to prevent mosquito bites.
4. Remember to wear colorful clothes on the way to the trip. The photographing becomes more concave. It does not matter if you do not bring them with you. As a tourist city, there are many clothing stores in Guilin and Yangshuo sell clothes suitable for travel photography, and the prices are not expensive.
5. Must bring photo equipment, charge treasures, of course, be careful to protect your own equipment when taking photos on the Li River or Yulong River, to avoid falling into the water and causing disputes.

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