Get out of the city: green excursions around Hamburg

But exactly such microadventures offer a relaxing change from the stressful everyday life.

Moreover, they can be put into practice "in a jiffy", without much preparation.

Excursion destinations Hamburg

Hamburg: Excursion destinations on your doorstep

By the way, my front door is in the metropolitan region of Hamburg. Regularly I take you on relaxing trips in this corner of Germany.

In fact, I am not alone with my love, to this part in northern Germany. Numerous travel blogger colleagues also report, on their blogs, about trips, small and large adventures, around Hamburg.

That's why this article says "Out of the city – into nature". We show you together some, perhaps still very surprising, excursion destinations around Hamburg. Tips and ideas that will hopefully make you want to take a closer look at what there is to discover on your doorstep.

Excursion destinations Hamburg - Hahnheide

Map: Excursion destinations Hamburg and around Hamburg

On the following map I have, in the course of time, numerous relaxed excursions around Hamburg and worthwhile discoveries in the metropolitan region of Hamburg, collected for you.

Also the following tips, ideas and reports you will find of course in the map.

Bicycle tour from Molln and with the water bike on the Ratzeburger lake

From Hamburg you can make many wonderful bicycle tours in the surrounding area and even cycle into the neighboring country, Schleswig-Holstein.

A tip is from the Hamburg main station with the regional train, which also has a bicycle compartment, to Molln in the Til Eulenspiegel city to drive.

The train ride from Hamburg to Molln, with one change, takes ca. 60 minutes.

From Molln you have the possibility to cycle over forest and meadows, past lakes, to the Ratzeburger lake in 14 kilometers.

Arrived at the Ratzeburger lake, you change the vehicle and get on a water bike to explore the island city on the water side and go around in 1.5 hours.

Every now and then you put your feet into the water for a cool down and enjoy the view of boats, stand-up paddlers, canoes and the beautiful nature you see on land.

But it is not only in high summer that it is fun to be a water rat. Even in the off-season it is good to tread water.

After so much movement, simply strengthen in the restaurant and start the way back to Molln.

In Molln you can stroll through the cute old town, visit the wildlife park and the nature park center Uhlenkolk, cycle around more lakes and relax in the spa park or in a quaint cafe on the market square.

Hamburg and surroundings Ratzeburger See (MSWellTravel )

Excursion destinations around Hamburg: Molln & Ratzeburg – quick info

The bike tour around the lake and on the lake sounds like a great excursion. But staying longer is of course also possible!

  • Marina's detailed report for an active trip to Moelln with a bike tour to Ratzeburg, water bike adventure and overnight tips.
  • Extra tip: In June takes place, in the duchy Lauenburg, the culture summer. This time, the Canoe Hiking Theater will stage "What you want", based on William Shakespear. You can read more about the Kanu-Wander-Theater on Marina's blog.
  • More excursion tips in the Stormarn district: with glamping, forest bathing, lake check u.v.m.
  • Molln and Ratzeburg are located ca. 50 kilometers from Hamburg. The journey time is less than an hour

Marina of MS WellTravel is studied health tourist B.A. and with passion blogger around the topics of health, exercise, nutrition & wellness on active, health and recreation trips. Your contributions on act about varied hikes, exciting canoe & bike tours, relaxing getaways and modern prevention trips. The main thing is nature and stay true to their motto: Health.Travel.Life!

Moelln old town with town hall, museum and church

Neumunster – Hike around the lake Einfeld

Neumunster, in the middle of Schleswig-Holstein, is less than an hour away from Hamburg.

Neumunster is not on everyone's mind when it comes to excursions in the area around Hamburg. There are so many surprises in the fourth largest city in Schleswig-Holstein.

In addition to the industrial-cultural history, it is mainly the proximity to nature that invites to a variety of outdoor activities. One of them is a hike around the Einfelder See, which is located about 10 km north of Neumunster.

You can arrive either by train, to the stop "Einfeld", or by car, visitor parking is located on the east side of the lake.

For a complete round around the Einfelder See you should plan two to three hours.

The hike is an absolute must for everyone who likes to be out in nature. The ca. 10 kilometers around the lake are varied. The hiking trail, most of the time, leads directly along the lake. But it also makes a detour through a forest area and touches small villages.

If you are going to Lake Einfeld in the summer, don't forget your swimsuit. A cooling down is always a welcome change.

Good to know: Lake Einfeld is turbid, but clean and therefore also approved as a bathing lake.

Hamburg and surroundings: Neumunster & Lake Einfeld – quick info

The hike around the Einfelder See sounds like a great excursion. Staying longer is of course also possible!

  • Ria's detailed report about her trip to Neumunster incl. Hike around the Einfelder See, Dosenmoor, overnight tips u.v.m.
  • Extra tip: For those who prefer cycling to walking, the path around Lake Einfeld is also a bicycle path.
  • Neumunster is located ca. 65 kilometers from Hamburg. The journey time is just under an hour.

Ria comes from Hamburg and likes to call herself a travelholic! Her wanderlust regularly leads her to great cities, foreign countries and to magnificent landscapes. Prefers to travel individually, with backpack or make a road trip across the country. As much as she likes to travel and feel at home in the world, she will always return to her pearl Hamburg. Home is where your heart is! She reports about her trips and excursions on her blog

Hamburg trips to the Holmer Sandberge

Just get out into nature and leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind you – this is possible in the Holmer Sandberge.

In the Holm sand dunes you almost feel like at the sea. Even if the sea is actually quite a distance away.

Schleswig-Holstein's largest inland dunes are located less than five kilometers from Hamburg.

The dunes are framed by idyllic pine forests and there is even a small lake in the Holmer Sandbergen.

During a walk through the beautiful nature you can really breathe and relax. Numerous hiking trails lead through the landscape conservation area, which is part of the regional park Wedeler Au.

Besides dunes and forest there is an idyllic lake with a nice picnic area. However, swimming is not allowed in this lake!

Excursions Hamburg Holmer Sandberge (travelinspired)

Things to do in Hamburg: Holmer Sandberge – quick info

Would you have thought or even known that there are inland dunes around Hamburg??

  • More information about a trip to the Holmer Sandberge can be found in the detailed article by Kathrin and Kristin.
  • Desire for more inland dunes around Hamburg? Do you know the Boberger Dunes in Hamburg Bergedorf or the Warwer Sand in Bremen??
  • The Holmer Sandberge are located only about 20 kilometers from downtown Hamburg. The journey time is about half an hour.

On Travelinspired the identical twin sisters Kathrin & Kristin blog about their adventures in nature. You love to be outside, hiking, watching wild animals in nature and driving in a camper through breathtaking landscapes. In addition to the big wide world, the Hamburg-born women also like to explore their hometown and northern Germany. Preferably in nature reserves, on the Elbe or by the sea.

Hiking tip Boberger Duenen

Nature experience Pietzmoor near Schneverdingen

The Luneburg Heath is a magnet for visitors at the time of the heath blossom. But there is, in April and May, another, not so well known, natural spectacle in the area.

Thousands and thousands of fluffy, white cotton balls adorn the pristine moor landscape in the Pietzmoor near Schneverdingen. It is the time of the woolgrass blossom. You can enjoy this natural phenomenon on a hike through the moor on boardwalks.

Two circular hiking trails with ca. 5.5 and 6.5 kilometers in length lead through the Pietzmoor near Schneverdingen.

Not far from the parking lot, the first boardwalks begin, guiding hikers and walkers, on safe paths, through the mysterious moor.

At first only a few, then more and more densely, you can see the white cotton balls of cottongrass – gently swaying in the wind.

On the Moor Experience Trail, information boards tell you more about the history of the moor, its renaturation and the typical flora and fauna.

The Pietzmoor is located on the southern edge of the Luneburg Heath in Lower Saxony, it is one of the most popular attractions of the nature reserve.

Around the 8.000 years the Pietzmoor has on the peaty hump! The ancient high moor, with its unique flora and fauna, with an area of approx. 2,5 km², the largest contiguous moor area of the Luneburg Heath.

Walk Pietzmoor (Escape from Reality)

Get out of the city: Pietzmoor near Schneeverdingen – quick info

Nature lovers should definitely pay a visit to this unreal moorland, because it is something very special!

  • Marion reports more about the Pietzmoor in her detailed article "Luneburger Heide: Wollgrasblute im Pietzmoor".
  • Desire for more moor and cotton grass in the metropolitan region of Hamburg? Surely a walk through the Tister peat bog is also interesting.
  • The Pietzmoor is located almost 70 kilometers from Hamburg. The journey takes a little less than an hour.

With her travel blog Escape from Reality, Marion wants to inspire her readers to break out of their everyday lives: From trips to faraway lands to small getaways and excursions on your doorstep.

North Paths Rotenburg County Tister Farm Moor

Purple blossoms the heath: A trip to the Luneburg Heath

If you are in the mood for nature in Hamburg, a trip to the Luneburg Heath is just the thing for you.

The first heath flair can be found even in the south of the Hanseatic city. Fischbeker Heide is the starting point of the Heidschnuckenweg, the northernmost section of which leads 26 kilometers to Buchholz in der Nordheide. And at the latest here you are in the middle of the nature park Luneburger Heide.

It is particularly beautiful, in the heath, in August and September. When it blooms purple everywhere.

From 8.8. up to 9.9. is according to an old rule of thumb the heath bloom particularly pretty.

One of my highlights in the Luneburg Heath is the area around Wilsede. The car-free heath village can only be reached by horse-drawn carriage, bicycle or on foot – and thus offers a great deal of deceleration from everyday life.

A good starting point is the village Undeloh. There you can park and start on foot or by bike, to Wilsede, about four kilometers away. Who likes it particularly romantically, books a carriage journey.

In the small village of Wilsede, you can make yourself comfortable in one of the restaurants while enjoying heath specialties, and the open-air museum "Dat ole Huus" is also worth a detour. The old farmhouse, which has been converted into a museum, provides an insight into the life and work of people in the 19th century. Century.

A hike to Wilseder Berg is an essential part of any excursion to the moors.

With 169 meters it is the highest mountain in the North German lowlands.

From the Wilseder Berg you have a wonderful view over the surrounding heath landscape. On a clear day, you can even see as far as Hamburg from up here..

Hiking to Wilsede (my happy places)

Excursion destinations around Hamburg: Undeloh and Wilsede in the Luneburg Heath – quick info

The Luneburg Heath, at the gates of the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, has so much to offer that a day trip is not enough!

  • Britta's tip, for the Luneburger Heide, is only one, of 5 excursion tips from Hamburg, which she presents to you in her article.
  • The Luneburger Heide is too far away? Fancy a trip to the Fischbeker Heide in the south of Hamburg?
  • Wilsede and Undeloh are about 65 kilometers away from Hamburg. For the journey you actually have to plan less than one hour.

On My Happy Places Britta takes her readers to her favorite places around the globe. Whether it's a short vacation, a city trip, a road trip or a micro adventure on your doorstep – the stories on My Happy Places provide lots of inspiration and numerous ideas and tips for your next own tour.

Fischbeker Heide Hamburg's heath is an insider tip

Adventure search in front of the front door

I thank, quite cordially, all bloggers who have participated in this action. We hope, we could make desire to go simply times, before the own front door, on the search for adventures.

If you live in Hamburg or if you are interested in the destinations around Hamburg, please let us know which tip you personally like best..

…or which of these presented places you have already visited yourself?

Which place did you perhaps not know yet??

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