Indian summer in Europe – 6 extraordinary autumn destinations

The autumn, the autumn, the autumn is here! No season divides minds as much as autumn does. Some love him, others hate him and run from him. I belong to the former. I love and embrace autumn with its colors and scents, its (harvest) festivals and its foods. Ever since I had my most colorful autumn in Scotland a few years ago, I've been on the lookout every year for special fall travel destinations that bring that Indian Summer feeling to life. So here are my 6 suggestions for unusual fall travel destinations in Europe. Who needs New England?

Exceptional autumn travel destinations in Europe

Autumn Destination #1: South Tyrol

Why South Tyrol in autumn? Autumn in South Tyrol is packed with activities such as the Almabtrieb, celebrating the safe return of animals from the mountain pastures, and the Torggelen, where new wine is sampled along with local delicacies. The autumn atmosphere is created by the coloring of the grapevines and the larch forests on the mountains, which are best explored on a hike. With subsequent stop in a Torggelehof or an alpine hut of course. Maybe even with an overnight stay with mountain panorama?

Tips for the Indian Summer in South Tyrol:

  • How to get there? By car or by plane to Bolzano, Venice, Verona, Treviso or Innsbruck
  • Torggelen: Lots of info about Torggelen can be found on this website
  • Almabtrieb: An overview of when and where an Almabtrieb takes place can be found on this website
  • Hiking: You can find an overview of all the hiking options in South Tyrol on this website
  • Accommodation in a mountain hut: An overview of alpine pastures and refuges in South Tyrol can be found on this website

South Tyrol in autumn

Autumn destination #2: Scotland

Why Scotland in autumn? The golden season in Scotland is wonderfully changeable, from bright sunshine to wind, rain or even snow you can expect everything. And that's exactly what makes it so appealing – as long as you're properly equipped. My most beautiful Indian Summer in Europe I have experienced – who would have thought it – in Scotland (and Lapland). The rich colors of the forests, the soft to rich browns of the Highlands – just great. In addition, Scotland has a wonderfully developed network of hiking trails. And afterwards, cozy up in a pub in front of a crackling fireplace, preferably with a glass of whiskey in hand.

Tips for Indian Summer in Scotland:

  • How to get there? Flight to Edinburgh, Inverness or Glasgow
  • Hiking: You can find a wonderfully colorful autumn hike here
  • Whisky: If you want to combine a whisky tasting with a good meal you should go to Fiddler's in Drumnadrochit at Loch Ness (reservation recommended)!)
  • Where to stay: Fancy glamping? At Loch Ness Glamping in Drumnadrochit you stay in extraordinary armadillas

Scotland in autumn - exceptional autumn travel destinations

Autumn destination #3: Island hopping on the archipelago islands near Stockholm

Why the archipelago in autumn? 30.000 – that's the incredible number of islands that lie in Stockholm's archipelago. These are connected by a network of ferries that you can use without restriction with a multi-day ticket. While the islands are crowded with locals and tourists in the summer months, it's nice and quiet in autumn. On hikes, bike tours, canoe trips or sailing trips you can enjoy the golden colors of nature and be active at the same time. With a little luck you will find chanterelles or lingonberries before you settle down in a red Swedish cottage overlooking the water in the evening. Maybe even one with sauna?

Tips for the Indian Summer on the archipelago islands:

  • How to get there? Flight to Stockholm, from there with the ferry
  • Island Hopping: A 5-day Island Hopping ticket costs 420 SEK plus 20 SEK ticket fee.
  • Accommodations: You can find possible accommodations for your island hopping trip on this website

Archipelago islands in autumn

Autumn destination #4: Lapland

Why Lapland in autumn? Lapland has become a staple as a fascinating winter travel destination in recent years. But autumn, which bathes forests and shrubs in all shades of brown, red, yellow and orange, is also extremely charming. The Finns even have their own name for the colorful season: "Ruska". Berry picking and long hikes in the forest, sauna sessions followed by a swim in the lake and Northern Lights sightings are just some of the things you can experience in Lapland in autumn.

Tips for Indian Summer in Lapland:

  • How to get there? You can find all airports in Finnish and Swedish Lapland on this website
  • Autumn in Finnish Lapland: You will find a lot of inspiration for the autumn in Finnish Lapland on this website
  • Autumn in Swedish Lapland: Find inspiration and tips for your stay in Swedish Lapland on this website

Indian Summer in Lapland - extraordinary autumn travel destinations

Autumn travel destination #5: Tuscany

Why Tuscany in Autumn? Gently rolling hills covered with plump olive trees and grapevines draped with fruit. Romantic villages and towns steeped in history, slowly coming to rest after the heat of summer and the rush of tourists. Pleasantly warm temperatures, golden light and the yellow and copper hue of the vine leaves. Are there more reasons to visit Tuscany? Autumn is the time of grape harvest and harvest festivals, truffle hunting and olive picking. All these pleasures of country life are best experienced from an agriturismo, a farm with tourist accommodations.

Tips for the Indian Summer in Tuscany:

  • How to get there? By car or by plane to Florence or Pisa
  • Events: You can find an overview of all events in October on this website
  • Accommodation: You can find beautiful agriturismi on this website

Autumn destination #6: Slovenia

Why Slovenia in autumn? Slovenia is the crossroads between Austria, the Mediterranean and the Balkans. This is reflected not only in the cuisine and culture but also in the landscape of the country: coastal resorts meet wine-growing areas and high mountains. Autumn attracts not only with a blaze of color that rivals any Indian summer in the U.S. but also events and hikes around the theme of wine & culinary arts.

Tips for Indian Summer in Slovenia:

  • How to get there? By car or by plane to Ljubljana or Venice
  • Sightseeing: What there is to see in Slovenia you can see on this website
  • Events: You can find an overview of all events in autumn on this website
  • Hiking: For detailed info on hiking in Slovenia, check out this website
  • Thermal baths: Slovenia is famous for its thermal baths. More info on this website

Short vacation Slovenia - Logarska Dolina - exceptional autumn travel destinations

Other particularly beautiful Indian Summer autumn destinations in Europe

  • Mecklenburg Lake District (Germany)
  • Spreewald (Germany)
  • Harz Mountains (Germany)
  • Palatinate (Germany)
  • Sauerland (Germany)
  • Eifel (Germany)
  • Moselle region (Germany)
  • Lake Constance (Germany)
  • Bavarian Forest (Germany)
  • The entire Alpine region, such as the Konigssee (Germany), the Ahornboden in the Karwendel in Tyrol, the Tannheimer Valley, the Dachstein Mountains, the Ammergau Alps (all Austria) or the Glarus (Switzerland)
  • Masuria (Poland)

Where do you think are the most beautiful autumn destinations with Indian Summer factor?? Tell me about it!

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