Insider tips Stuttgart: 10 tips that are guaranteed to surprise you!

I'm sure you haven't tried any Swabian tapas yet? Walked through the mystical and oldest cemetery in Stuttgart and fed the squirrels? Insider tips Stuttgart: Versatile and above all surprisingly different! The city, which I got to know for the first time, has convinced me not only because of the great Swabian cuisine.

I have been in Stuttgart for a few days and have now summarized my highlights and tips for you. In addition to culinary discoveries and the best tips for this beautiful city in Germany, I'll also tell you why Stuttgart is also a city of views!

Insider tips Stuttgart: 10 tips that are guaranteed to surprise you!

1. Markthalle Stuttgart: The epicenter of indulgence

Market hall insider tips Stuttgart

Every gourmet, friend of good cuisine and lover of quality and food should now prick up their ears! In the virtually no wishes remain unfulfilled. A veritable cornucopia of delicacies and culinary discoveries awaits you.

The historic market hall, built in Art Nouveau style, has been around for more than 100 years and has been the place where Stuttgart residents do their shopping ever since. 33 different stands will make your mouth water here.

Next to delicious dishes from the Far East, fragrant Hungarian salami and fresh truffles, I quickly forget that I'm in Stuttgart. I actually feel like I'm in the faraway markets of the world.

Market hall insider tips Stuttgart

Dorotheenstrabe 4, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

2. Relaxed break on the idyllic Schlossplatz square

Schlossplatz Insider Tips Stuttgart Fountain

The heart of the city and the meeting place where you can simply unwind is the busy and popular Schlossplatz in downtown Stuttgart. Located on the shopping street Konigsstrabe, shopping enthusiasts take a break here.

The trees on the square offer shade and so it is wonderful to sit on the huge lawn in front of the castle. If you're looking for refreshment, you can take your feet for a dip in one of the fountains.

Schlossplatz, 70173 Stuttgart

3. Escape the hustle and bustle at Feuersee

Feuersee Church Insider Tips Stuttgart

An idyll in the midst of the hustle and bustle – the Feuersee with its great neo-Gothic church radiates an incredible tranquility. St. John's Church embellishes the small lake not far from Stuttgart's city center with its neo-Gothic facade.

Many sit on the shore, chat and let the soul dangle. Next door there is a beer garden where you can enjoy a delicious cold drink of your choice, while enjoying the beautiful view.

St. John's Church Stuttgart, Gutenbergstrabe 11, 70176 Stuttgart

4. Art and view: Perfect combination!

Insider Tips Stuttgart Art Museum

Museums in the middle of cities always attract me magically. Because let's face it, you actually go to museums far too seldom, or? And when a museum like this is so well integrated into the city, I simply have to visit it. Located directly at the Schlossplatz, the futuristic facade is hard to miss.

A permanent exhibition shows, among other things, the most important works of, the painter attributed to realism, Otto Dix. Whose works were classified as degenerate by the National Socialists in Germany. You will get a lot of information and insider knowledge during your visit and you can also admire a lot of art from Europe.

A small Stuttgart tip I have copied from my blogger colleague Antje Zimmermann of. Because it has recommended the 4. Visit the second floor of the museum. From here you have a great view over the whole Schlossplatz and the hills of Stuttgart.

Insider Tips Stuttgart Art Museum

Kleiner Schlobplatz 1, 70173 Stuttgart, Germany

5. The Stuttgart wine village – experience wine with all senses

Wine village insider tips Stuttgart

Cozy arbors, liters of wine and Swabian delicacies to boot. These three attributes sum up Stuttgart's wine village in a nutshell. The city center around the market square and Schillerplatz turns into a mecca for wine lovers.

30 vintners from the region and from Baden are represented on the and present their best and most delicious wines. In addition, there is at each stand, also called Laube, delicious hearty Swabian food.

Visit the restaurant . This is the arbor of the brothers Ferdinand and Maximilian Trautwein. Both have dedicated themselves for years to good middle-class gastronomy with a certain touch. At the wine village, the brothers' restaurant, W30, serves delicious and surprising Swabian and southern German tapas.

And if you're spoiled for choice, you have a choice, and so I try the classics of Swabian cuisine: Maultaschen, spaetzle with cabbage, roast beef with onions, spinach dumplings, veal tripe, meat cows with Swabian potato salad, and Ofenschlupfer for dessert. Super tasty!

When? Always from the last Wednesday in August for 10 days.

6. Stadtbibliothek Stuttgart – A place for impressive photos!

City Library Insider Tips Stuttgart

During my research on Stuttgart, one photo in particular has always caught my eye – the one of the city library at Mailander Platz. So, as a self-confessed book nerd and lover of (yes, you can hardly believe it) printed literature, I knew where my journey would take me.

But even those who are not book lovers will get their architectural money's worth during a visit here. From the outside, the library is inconspicuous and resembles a concrete block with little charm.

But: "Don't judge a book by its cover" – because the library will definitely convince you from the inside. The books here on the walls look like an art installation and you won't find the stuffy and crowded library image here, because the city library is one of THE insider tips for Stuttgart.

Directly opposite is the large and new Milaneo shopping mall, where you can briefly recharge your batteries and perhaps grab one or the other item.

Tip: Be sure to visit the rooftop terrace. From here you have a beautiful, albeit partially limited, view of downtown Stuttgart.

View insider tips Stuttgart from Stadtbibliothek

Mailander Platz 1, 70173 Stuttgart

7. Climbing the Stuttgart TV tower and enjoying the view

View TV tower insider tips Stuttgart

Viewpoints always attract me magically. And at the latest when I leave the elevator after 36 seconds, I know why Stuttgart likes to call itself a city of views.

The tower is 216 meters high and offers you a panoramic view over Stuttgart and the Swabian Alb. As the first television tower in the world, a little pioneering spirit can still be felt here today. With the you can explore the surroundings in detail and get a lot of information.

Afterwards you can enjoy a delicious coffee with a view in the Panoramacafe, which is located under the observation deck.

View of the television tower Stuttgart insider tips

Jahnstrasse 120, 70597 Stuttgart

8. The Karlshohe in Stuttgart – rest with a view

Karlshohe insider tips Stuttgart view

I climb the Karlshohe, a hill with quite a few stairs, which lies between the south and west of Stuttgart. The way leads over the Willy-Reichert-Staffel. Staffele are the stairs that connect the valley where downtown Stuttgart is located with the adjacent hills.

On top of the Karlshohe is the beer garden from which you have a beautiful view of the city.

Under it even wine is grown – and that directly in the City! The way up and also down again always offers beautiful views, monuments and also beautiful houses. I immediately fell in love with this stately villa.

View Karlshohe secret tips Stuttgart

Karlshohe, 70178 Stuttgart

9. The mystical Hoppenlauf cemetery

Hoppenlau cemetery insider tips Stuttgart

Mystical, a little scary and above all cute. This is how I would describe my trip to the Hoppenlauf Cemetery. Everywhere squirrels scurry around and scurry through the graves. It is no longer used, because the last burial took place here in 1880.

Every corner of the cemetery is photogenic and I have to pull out the camera more than once to capture the scenery. It is worthwhile here to wander through the graves, to read the inscriptions and to become aware of his own transience once again. A real insider tip!

Rosenbergstrasse 7, 70174 Stuttgart

Cemetery insider tips Stuttgart

10. The art of brewing in Stuttgart: insight into the Dinkelacker brewery

Dinkelacker brewery secret tips Stuttgart brewery tour Dinkelacker Brewery Secret Tips Stuttgart Brewery Tour

Stuttgart is a beer city. Even if the many wine lovers (I am also one of them) do not always want to admit it! In Stuttgart, beer has been brewed and celebrated for hundreds of years, already in 1888 there were several breweries in Stuttgart.

The Dinkelacker brewery is a private brewery. The location for this brewery was strategically chosen, because the Karlshohe served here as a cooling for bottom-fermented beers (for example Pils). For this purpose, an ice cellar was built and constructed under the hill. This one kept ice frozen even in summer so that brewing could be done.

The ice was mined in winter from the surrounding lakes and brought to the brewery, which was a feat and very costly. Note: Without ice, no bottom-fermented beer!

Today you can visit the through the sacred halls and then participate in a small beer tasting. The tour lasts approx. 2.5 hours, costs between 15-20€, depending on whether you choose the option with a snack.

Today, the Dinkelacker brewery produces on a grand scale, almost 800.000 hectoliters a year divided into 30 varieties 4-5 craft beers.

Tubinger Str. 48, 70178 Stuttgart

Insider tips Stuttgart: 10 tips that are guaranteed to surprise you!

Hotel tip for your visit in Stuttgart

Maritim Hotel Insider Tips Stuttgart

In Stuttgart I stayed during my city trip and the search for the best tips in the and was very satisfied. The breakfast buffet is simply gigantic and above all very varied. The rooms are quiet and well equipped.

I tried the delicious lunch at the Maritim Hotel and can not be more enthusiastic. Delicious pike-perch fillet with potato-dill mash and fennel with lemon sauce. And that for unbeatable 7.95 €. If this is not an insider tip?

If you like, you can end the day in the sauna, swimming pool or fitness room. Or at the legendary Pianobar, which captivates every visitor with its charm.

maritim hotel secret tips Stuttgart


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