Ireland after years

In exactly 4 weeks it starts. To Ireland. For the second time in my life. Only the first time was so long ago that many of you were not even born then. Somehow a little bit crazy.

Below you will find a bit of memories, and a preview of the trip to come.

cliffs of moher ireland

Of course we all get to see the Cliffs of Moher as well!

Ireland in memory

It was the summer vacations after the (first) eleventh grade, when I spontaneously went on a week-long vacation to Ireland with my girlfriend at the time. It did not take much. Only enough Traveler Cheques (do they still exist these days?)?), an initial station (Frankfurt was it, because she lived near there), a destination station (Ostend, if I remember correctly), a short stopover at the first English fish & chips stand, and then the train across England to Holyhead. And then you have at least a hint of Ireland already in front of your eyes.
Read it now takes less than a minute. But I remember some short naps on various german, belgian, and english train stations. It took a long time to get here in reality.

But we were young, and we had more than 5 weeks. We didn't dwell on such trivia there. We would already arrive somewhere. The way was the goal! And we were willing to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Or just slept away on a train platform.

Ireland shines in my memories. Ireland shines with numerous friendly encounters, an impressive nature, with half blown away tents, toast that could be deformed unchangeably, an encounter with my math teacher, and with – according to almost every Irishman we met on the way – the warmest and best summer of all times.

I knew I would return one day.

Back at last

kitchen in the travel blogger wg in ireland

The WG kitchen. Someone will know how to cook!

It's been 28 years since that summer vacation. I don't stop to tell you about my further school career. You would quickly have tears in your eyes.

I share here rather joyfully that it goes for me in March again to the Emerald Isle. This time it will not be a round trip in the classical sense. It's going to be a travel blogger commune, and it's going to be an adventure that will also decide my professional future.
But that may be a topic for another article.

Now just a preview of the trip in March. I don't do it alone either. Only this time it's not a romantic trip, but a curious one. Together with 4-5 other travel bloggers I will stay for 10 days in a big vacation home in County Clare, Ireland. There we will work our way clockwise through the region as best we can.

Lots of digital cameras, action cams, smartphone cameras, and a video camera provided by the sponsor Technikblog will make sure that you get a lot on your eyes. And on the ears. Because planned is also an evening soot at prime time. 🙂

We are kindly supported in our program in Ireland by Tourism Ireland. They are doing their best to give us lots of things to do on the spot. So that we can show you as clearly as possible that Ireland is worth a visit. Just in the unlikely event that you did not know this already!

I am happy that I will soon be on the island again. And I am glad that I will actually see again places that I still remember from back then. I will be standing at the road where my teacher's caravan was speeding towards me at that time. Already from far away I recognized the Hanover license plate, and still thought: Totally crazy. Here you are in the last village of Ireland, and you actually meet someone from your hometown.

Needless to say, we were both doubly amazed when we realized who was standing in front of each of us. The 5 in the report card was still a 5. But we could let it be straight on this day.

Experience Ireland

Where I used to bounce around the country with juvenile ADHD, I now pause old and wise to soak up nature, people, moods.
Where before I didn't care how to get from A to B, now I use my navigation system, experience and the good English of my roommates to reach all destinations without unnecessary detours.
Where I used to stand haphazardly, I now travel with a printed daily schedule.

I would love for you to join me and my roommates on our Ireland trip. Order a postcard for grandma. I write these (maybe together with the roommates) in front of the camera. Every evening. With a nice greeting to the addressees, and with a lot of what we experienced during the day.

Let us take you with us. Let us entertain you. And let us show you that Ireland welcomes you!

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