Mango Sticky Rice Recipe from Thailand – Coconut Rice Dessert

This Mango Sticky Rice recipe is probably one of the most famous recipes and dishes in Thailand. The very first thing I was taught in my cooking classes in Thailand was how to make the delicious sticky rice with the subtle hint of coconut. The not for nothing Mango Sticky Rice is a .

Traditional Mango Sticky Rice Recipe

The traditional way to cook this rice is to steam it in a bamboo steamer in a cloth. Both cloth and bamboo steamers are also easily available in our country. But even without these two things you can prepare the delicious Mango Sticky Rice.

Why the "real" Mango Sticky Rice is blue?

The blue color of my Mango Sticky Rice comes from the Butterfly Pea, also called Dok Un Sun (ดอกอัญชัน). For a particularly beautiful result, especially in the north of Thailand, this dried flower is added to the coconut milk in the pot. By the way, the bloom has hardly any effect on the taste.

Prepare the rice for the dish

Mango Sticky Rice Recipe from Thailand - Coconut Rice Dessert

First, though, you'll need to buy Thai sticky rice (sometimes called sweet rice). Your nearest Asian grocery store should have the trip in stock. You can also get the palm sugar for this dessert in the Asia market. If not simply replace with brown sugar.

The rice must be rinsed several times in water to remove the starch. Then the rice needs to soak for a few hours (overnight is best). Make sure the rice is cooked with approx. 5 cm of water covers it.

The two ways of preparing Mango Sticky Rice

Now there are TWO methods of preparing the rice: The Traditional or the modern more European version. Both work perfectly.

Traditional Mango Sticky Rice Recipes:

Put rice in a sturdy cloth (tea towel). Then put it in the bamboo cooker and make sure the rice is covered. Place the steamer over a pot of boiling water for about 30 minutes and steam until the rice is soft and slightly translucent.

Modern Mango Sticky Rice Recipe:

Put e3n sticky rice in a sieve. Place the strainer on a pot of boiling water. Place a dish towel over the strainer and then a matching pot lid. The towel absorbs excess moisture while the rice remains moist, mimicking bamboo in a traditional steamer. Cook for 30 minutes as well.

Preparation of the coconut sauce for the Sticky Rice

In a separate pot, heat the coconut milk over low heat. Don't let the coconut milk get too hot or it will curdle easily. Add the palm sugar and salt. Stir until all is dissolved. Taste and sweeten or salt as desired.

When the rice is cooked, put it in a large bowl. Pour 3/4 of the coconut milk sauce into the bowl. The rice will soak it all up. Once the rice has absorbed the coconut milk (approx. 5 minutes), stir once.

Serve with sliced fresh mango and pour the remaining coconut sauce over it. Enjoy the Mango Sticky Rice lukewarm and add a little coconut sauce if needed.

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