Marburg sights and the VILA VITA world of pleasure

The majestic Landgrave's Castle towers high above the city, the picturesque upper town shines with its half-timbered houses, the old university seems like a movie set and the culinary and gastronomic variety in Marburg is unique. Before my visit to beautiful Marburg in Hesse, this fine half-timbered town with student flair was not on my radar.

If that's not a reason to visit? I'll take you to Marburg and present my tips for culinary discoveries and the most beautiful sights with history in the city. Recommended for time out or a delicious culinary short trip, Marburg is perfectly located in the middle of Germany in the beautiful state of Hesse. Here you can find out more about the sights of Marburg.

Feel-good atmosphere at the Hotel VILA VITA Rosenpark

VILA VITA Marburg Rose Park

For my visit I check in at the Hotel VILA VITA Rosenpark, the hotel is located quietly and yet centrally between the main train station and the wonderful old town. There is no better starting point for extensive explorations. The luxury hotel is designed in an urban style and is not known as "the best hotel on the square" for nothing.

The atmosphere and the lovely design of the hotel captivate me. I immediately feel at home here. The rooms are all brightly furnished and captivate with the colorful details that run like a red thread through the entire hotel. All this makes the VILA VITA Rosenpark the ideal place to relax and retreat.

The evening can be wonderfully spent in the hotel's own restaurants, the wellness area or in the spectacular 360° Bar & Lounge. In addition to classics, there are also creative signature cocktails, for example with a wheat beer reduction or fruity cherry blossom. Delicious!

VILA VITA Marburg Rose Park

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The world of pleasure of the VILA VITA includes several restaurants and Mediterranean specialties, a creative crossover cuisine, fine wines from its own winery, regional-rural classics, rustic Viennese coffeehouse tradition or one of the best ice cream manufactories in Germany, are waiting for you.

VILA VITA Marburg Rose Park

All presented spots of the VILA VITA Marburg let your epicurean heart beat faster – located directly in the rose park or within walking distance, at the landgrave's castle above the roofs of Marburg or in the green in front of the city gates. And the best? These culinary experiences can be easily reserved at the hotel reception desk.

Marburg Sights: Half-timbered town

City Hall Marburg half-timbered houses Marburg attractions

From the hotel you walk approx. 20 minutes to the city center. And why Marburg is called a university town as well as a half-timbered town becomes immediately clear at a glance.

On the way through the city you will find many works of art that remind you of the Brothers Grimm and their fairy tales – Marburg is located on the German Fairy Tale Route, and the Brothers Grimm were active in this area at the time. This is why the Marburger Grimm-Dich-Pfad was created. So there are many little details to discover in the upper town of Marburg.

City Hall Marburg half-timbered Marburg sights

Pretty half-timbered houses line the street. In some corners of these buildings are engraved building stones from the 16th century. Century. Carved wooden devil masks in wood, painted black, green, red. Old-fashioned store signs protrude from the facades.

The center of the old town is the historic town hall, whose clock chimes on the hour. While the bell rings, the figures start moving, flapping their wings and blowing the trumpet. Justicias' sheds come alive at the town hall, death turns the hourglass upside down again.

Old Town Upper Town Marburg Half-timbered Marburg Landmarks

The atmosphere in the old town is dominated by busy students drinking their coffee and meeting up in the upper town. It's very refreshing to see all these university students giving the historic setting a youthful vibe.

Marburg Sights: University

old university Marburg Marburg sights

Marburg is a traditional university town with a long academic history dating back to the Middle Ages. There are many young people here who are aware of the traditions and are interested in living up to the name of university town.

All this gives the historic city of Marburg a fresh and young atmosphere and an exciting combination of old and new.

In the old town you find on the one hand the old university (Attention: Harry Potter feeling), as well as the new quite modern buildings which belong to the Philipps University Marburg (with museum). On the way to the castle you will find all the buildings of the different student fraternities and also the famous Elisabeth church.

old university Marburg Marburg sights

Such a walk in the many alleys and on the steep stairs of the old town of Marburg makes you hungry! A dinner at the hotel rounds off the exploration perfectly.

Mediterranean food in the OLIVA restaurant

VILA VITA Marburg Rose Park OLIVA

Directly in the hotel VILA Vita is the restaurant OLIVA, which scores with a Mediterranean fusion cuisine. The creative kitchen team incorporates a wide variety of influences into the design of the dishes here on a changing menu. Thereby it becomes also with pleasure seasonal. In the asparagus season, Germany's favorite vegetable is naturally on the menu. By the way, the asparagus is delivered fresh every day from the Dagoberstshausen farm.

A must try: the wines of the winery on the Nile. I can recommend the Pinot Gris to every wine lover. But the service staff also gives excellent advice on wine selection.

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VILA VITA Marburg Rose Park OLIVA

Marburg sights: Relax and enjoy on the banks of the Lahn

Lahn Beach Marburg Sights

When cities have a river or access to the water, there is always a very special flair. The river Lahn runs through the city of Marburg and is a lifeline and recreation purely. At the Aroma Lahn Beach right next to the fantastic ice cream shop and within walking distance of the Rosenpark, it's a great place to relax.

The ice cream factory Aroma was awarded by the magazine "Der Feinschmecker" as one of the top 15 ice cream parlors in Germany. Here it is creative and I have tried the varieties of salted peanut and also coconut puffed rice. All varieties are 25% sugar-reduced, which brings out the flavors even better, and some varieties do not contain any industrial sugar at all.

And the best? No superfluous waste is produced here, because the ice cream cups and ice cream spatulas are 100% compostable. Super!

Extra tip: Just around the corner is the deli VITA essentials, which is a city-famous gourmet hangout. In addition to all the products from our own Hofgut Dagobertshausen, you will find a selection of delicatessen, small bistro snacks and wines from around the world. Of course also the own wines from the in the Palatinate.

Aroma ice cream factory Marburg

& Marburg

Marburg sightseeing: Landgrave Castle

Landgrave's castle Marburg sights

Marburg is one of those cities that you just have to fall in love with as soon as you visit it. The most remarkable attraction, the Landgrave's Castle, can be seen from far away – on the hill it dominates the landscape with its romantic towers, a great garden the vaulted covered walkway and the Gothic windows.

Landgrafenschloss Marburg sightseeing view

A massive building, imposing and representative. From the top you can look down on the many medieval buildings in the upper town. Large and small half-timbered houses and lots of green, occasionally the church tower breaks up the sea of houses.

The Schlossberg is steep and bears the legacy of the medieval paths that used to wind their way up the mountain. The views from here are fantastic from all angles.

Landgrave castle Marburg sights at night

From up here you can also see the traditional Marburg fraternity houses of the Philipps University Marburg with their flagpoles. Even when it gets dark, there is something mystical about the Schlossberg with the illuminated Landgrafenschloss and the feeling of being in a castle. Who has desire makes here a detour in the museum for cultural history.

Landgrave Castle Marburg Sights

Good home cooking in the restaurant Buckingsgarten

Landgrave's castle Marburg Buckingsgarten

At some point, hunger sets in and there is no better medieval backdrop for a visit to the landgrave's castle here. The restaurant Buckingsgarten high above the roofs of the upper town and under the castle is the perfect place for a small or large refreshment.

In the beer garden or guest room one decelerates with rustic delicacies or also with the pleasure of creative-international kitchen. Cheers! To get back to the Rosenpark, take a long walk through the twilight of the Old Town.

High up! The restaurant Buckingsgarten directly under the castle is one of the many culinary places of pleasure of the VILA VITA Marburg.

Landgrave's Castle Marburg Buckingsgarten

Culinary city escape to Dagobertshausen

Waldschlosschen Dagobertshausen

You have had enough of the half-timbering and the castle? Then out into the countryside. Only 10 minutes by car from Marburg is the manageable town of Dagobertshausen, which has only 365 inhabitants. In no time by car you are in the green and idyllic part of Marburg.

At the Hofgut Dagobertshausen and in the associated restaurant Waldschlosschen (built in an old half-timbered house around 1900), regional and Marburg cuisine and food are THE theme. Field-fresh products are processed according to the season and some of the food comes from the neighboring farm estate.

To the Hofgut – an extraordinary event location – also belong some asparagus, strawberry and potato fields, of course also a farm store as well as a show brewery and distillery. A culinary city escape par excellence.

Pick sugar-sweet strawberries, make new culinary discoveries in the farm store, feast to your heart's content and enjoy the countryside? This is possible at the Hofgut Dagobertshausen!

Waldschlosschen Restaurant Marburg Sights

Waldschlosschen Restaurant Marburg

Marburg Sights: The best view

Marburg sightseeing view Spiegelslustturm

Not located in the city, but 15 minutes by car (also reachable by bus) is the legendary Spiegelslustturm in the middle of a garden on the Marburger Lahnberge mountains. The highest point of Marburg offers you a perfect view of the medieval town and shows that the Landgrave's Castle is the center of the town and towers over the town like a castle.

But beware: there is a legend among students of various faculties in Marburg that those who climb the tower before passing the physics examination (medical), intermediate diploma or other intermediate examinations will never pass this examination.

Do you have any questions about the Marburg tips? I am glad to hear your opinion about this extraordinary town.

This article was created in cooperation with the VILA VITA Marburg My opinion is, as always, not influenced by it. I only report on things that I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart.

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