Medical Wellness: The most beautiful hotels

A wellness weekend provides a balance from everyday life. Who decides on the other hand for Medical Wellness – thus the connection from relaxing applications and health-promoting preventive measures -, does to its body at the same time still from health view something good. This is especially interesting for stressed business travelers. Where you can devote yourself to the medical pampering program particularly beautiful, we reveal: These are the most beautiful hotels for medical wellness ..

Medical Wellness

Villa Vitalis

Plenty of space to let your mind wander: Villa Vitalis in Aspach, Upper Austria, has just 18 rooms, but a spa area of around 1,000 square meters flooded with light. No guest lies here close together. In the hotel holistic medical Coaching stands in the focus: Whether weight loss, Fitness or Detox – the Medical Wellness concepts individually co-ordinated with the patient and accompanied by an experienced team lead to the desired goal. And since relaxation and physical harmony are especially related to nutrition, Villa Vitalis offers a unique Med Cuisine, which is balanced, fresh, light and delicious at the same time. Particularly interesting for business travelers: The "short time-out" packages, which provide distance from everyday life and also bring the burnout-plagued manager back to inner balance in a short time.

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Grand Hotel & SPA Terme di Castrocaro

The ancient spa town of Castrocaro in northern Italy has always been a place of pilgrimage for those seeking tranquility: Once the ancient Romans came here. Today, stressed city dwellers from all over the world make a pilgrimage to the small town to cure their tensions and other physical ailments with the famous thermal waters. In addition to the hot springs, the Grand Hotel & SPA-Terme di Castrocaro and the hotel's own Medical Wellness Clinic also attract guests: Here, the experienced team of therapists and doctors relies on a special combination of thermal treatments and health advice. Minor aesthetic treatments and procedures are also offered. Or you can simply enjoy the spacious spa with pool, hydro massage, Turkish bath and various saunas. Just doing nothing is enough to relieve some people's deep-seated tensions.

Medical Wellness

La Clairière bio & spa hotel

Ayurveda, naturopathy and traditional Chinese medicine: these are the three basic principles on which the holistic medical wellness program at the beautifully located La Clairière bio & spa hotel in Alsace is based. The treatments also have a correspondingly holistic effect. Above all the traditional Chinese medicine is more current than ever in times of the rapid digitization. The treatments are always preceded by an individual consultation including diagnosis. With the help of examinations of the pulse and tongue, the most suitable treatment program is found, which the TCM therapists then carry out, often with the aim of bringing the Qi, i.e. the energy in the body, back into the right flow. Holistic and concerning all areas of life is Ayurveda, which includes nutrition and detoxification, applications with herbal and mineral healing agents as well as activities such as breathing exercises, yoga and meditation. Especially for the latter, there could not be a more beautiful place than La Clairière bio & spa hotel: The hotel complex is located in the middle of the forest of the Northern Vosges. In other words: in good weather, guests can practice yoga in the fragrant chirping forest and find absolute tranquility.

Medical Wellness

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THE RONACHER Therme & Spa Resort

Luxury and Medical Wellness enjoy the guests in the DAS RONACHER Therme & Spa Resort in the midst of the rustic Carinthian Nockberge: Alone the gigantic 4.500 square meters large Spa landscape with no less than five thermal pools attracts guests looking for peace and quiet. Equally tempting: the health packages of the hotel. For those who have little time to spare, the four-day "Take a break" package is the perfect way to unwind. At least eight days should be planned again for the extensive Burnout prevention, which consists among other things of a medical discussion, breath meditation, aroma therapies, relaxation massages and oxygen multi-step therapies with anti-oxidants. A final talk at the end of the time-out as well as an individual program for everyday life at home is also included. Who in turn finds balance and relaxation in movement: THE RONACHER is wonderfully located in the midst of the alpine landscape of Carinthia: Nordic walking, hiking or mountain biking are here, on request, on the daily schedule.

Medical Wellness

Bad Clevers Health Resort & Spa

Medical Wellness in combination with the beneficial Kneipp treatments combines medicine, recreation and the five water, exercise, relaxation, nutrition and nature: This is the concept in the family Bad Clevers Health Resort & Spa. The pretty hotel combines rural elegance with modern elements. That's about how the medical spa can be described, too: Proven natural healing methods according to Kneipp and F.X. Mayr accompany current medical preventive measures. Qualified specialists and therapists are always at the guests' side: Thus, the program F.X. Mayr plus on the one hand holistic health checks, analysis of the body composition and laboratory as well as urine examinations. On the other hand, the guest enjoys peace and relaxation with Kneipp casts, alkaline relaxation baths, massages and drinking cures. And the most beautiful thing: The hotel is located far away from the hustle and bustle and noise on a small lake, surrounded by a large park, meadows and forests. Here, in this perfect idyll, one learns one thing above all: to concentrate on oneself again.

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