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Are you ready to experience real insider tips for Munich? Forget the places and activities everyone knows and rather explore the city like a true local in our new "Insider Tips" series. With these tips we guarantee that your trip to Munich will be a unique experience! In our first blog, we give you insider tips for Munich, the capital of Bavaria and home of the infamous Oktoberfest.

6. Authentic Bavarian Food

If you are in Bavaria, then the traditional Bavarian food, the Haxn, must not be missed. Haxn is a traditional dish of pork that is roasted for hours until the skin turns golden brown, and is mainly found in the southern part of Germany. The one true place where you should try Haxn in Munich is the Haxnbauer restaurant. Every local will agree that Haxnbauer Restaurant is perfect to try the traditional dish. P.S.Don't forget to also try the delicious apple strudel for dessert! However, the restaurant is not exactly known for cheap prices, but the experience is definitely worth it, as it is undoubtedly one of the best places for good food in Munich.

5. Colorful Munich

If you've never been to Munich before, you'll be surprised how colorful it actually is. You can still see it in the streets… The city was actually the place for street art here in Germany in the 80's and is still home to the greatest street artists today. Walk around Munich a bit and admire the street art and graffiti from the different artists. The best place, and a true insider tip, to see this is the Schlachthofviertel. Start along the walls on Tumblingerstrabe, where you can marvel at some incredible colorful artwork.

4. The best fish in town

This is a true hidden gem of the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. Inside the market there are many local delicacies, but the real insider tip here is Fisch Witte; a cute little restaurant that serves fresh fish straight from the Danube daily. Here you will find a wide selection of fish prepared in many different ways, be it as sushi, in pasta or in a sandwich. After a tour of the market, be sure to enjoy a glass of wine with your delicious fish dish.

Insider Tip: On Sundays, all stores are closed here in Germany, except for restaurants, bakeries, museums and gas stations. So remember to get everything you need for Sunday on Saturday.

3. Enchanting sunrise from the St. St. Peter's Church

In the middle of Munich is St. Peter's Church, which can not be overlooked, because it is practically the highest building in the city. St. Peter's Church is one of the best places to enjoy the spectacular view of the city of Munich for only €2. The insider tip to this, however, is to go in the morning and watch the sunrise when it's not yet crowded with people during the day. What better way to start the day early in the morning with the beautiful morning sun shining through the city?

2. Kebab ice cream

This may sound a bit strange, but if you've been in Germany long enough, you'll have noticed that kebabs are a pretty big deal here. Kebab stores are practically on every corner. So, are you brave enough to try a kebab ice cream? There's a place called "The Crazy Ice Cream Maker" that is very popular with students and locals alike. They come here to try ice cream with crazy flavors during their lunch break. When will you have the opportunity to try ice cream with so many flavors again? If kebab isn't quite to your taste, there is also beer flavored ice cream and many other crazy flavors. But be warned: many say that the ice cream tastes frighteningly real!

1. Time in the Tiergarten

This is a real insider tip, because only the locals really know where it is. The zoo is located outside the Hellabrunn Zoo, where you will find a secret spot on the Isar River, which flows from the south to the north of the city. If you are here in the summer, you will find that many locals come here to swim, barbecue and have a few drinks with their friends, or if they just want to get out of the city for a while. You will not find tourists here, because it is a bit hidden, so nobody but the locals really know this place. And when you have relaxed enough, you can continue your trip in the zoo Hellabrunn.

We hope with these 6 insider tips you can discover Munich's secrets. If we've inspired you to travel to Munich, why not plan a trip of your own with JoinMyTrip? You will also find trips already planned, you just have to join them! See for yourself with other like-minded travelers!

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