Munich Satellite Terminal: Lounge review

What does an airport in joint venture with an airline do when the capacity limits of the terminal are reached?? Ideally, an expansion, annex or an additional building will be created. The latter so happened at the Munich Airport GmbH and Deutsche Lufthansa AG. A spectacular opening ceremony in April 2016 marked the commissioning of the Lufthansa Satellite Terminal Munich, the so-called "midfield terminal". The expansion of Terminal 2, which is now completely overloaded, is to be the first 5-star airport to set new standards in terms of service quality, passenger comfort as well as sustainability.

satellite terminal

The building is referred to as a "satellite" because it does not have its own land-based connection. This means that all functions for local arrivals and departures, such as check-in, baggage check-in and baggage claim, will continue to take place in Terminal 2. In 60 seconds, fully automated and therefore driverless trains (also called "people movers") take you to the "satellite" terminal.

The light-flooded halls immediately catch the eye and convey a modern and pleasant ambience. On a total of 7.000 square meters offer a varied gastronomic and shopping experience. The centerpiece of the Satellite Terminal in Munich is the central "Viktualienmarkt," modeled on the one in the Bavarian capital. Those who are not traveling as privileged status passengers will find, in addition to the restaurant offers and duty-free stores, also comfortable rest areas with relax loungers.

satellite terminal

Satellite Terminal Munich: The Lounges

A very special luxury ambience awaits lounge visitors with frequent flyer, Senator or Hon status, or with a Business or First Class ticket. All five lounges, spread over 4.000 square meters can be reached quickly. The floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows offer a fantastic view of the eastern apron, where aircraft from airlines all over the world are bustling about. The second view is also impressive, perceiving the overall ambience, which corresponds to that of a stylishly modern lobby of a design hotel. And all five lounges are similar in this respect. The special feature of the Senator and Business area is an elegant bar along the panoramic windows with a considerable selection of drinks.

satellite terminal

Culinary delights in the Business and Senator Lounges

In both areas, guests will find separate workstations, comfortable recliners, a TV zone and spacious shower bathrooms. While the Business Lounge with its bistro offers a good selection of snacks and (alcoholic) beverages, the Senator Lounge's buffet offers the famous warm Leberkas (liver cheese) with "boarischen Brezn" (pretzels) and potato salad. Not for vegetarians or vegans, admittedly, but the changing (meatless) dish selection should please anyone who isn't a foodie.

The Firstclass Lounge at the Munich Satellite Terminal

On the top level, also figuratively, hon-members and first-class passengers benefit from a particularly luxurious first-class lounge, including a world first: an open rooftop terrace with panoramic views and comfortable outdoor furniture for relaxing. With summer temperatures, a touch of vacation feeling comes up. The exclusive First Class Lounge is complemented by a gourmet restaurant with exquisite A la carte menus as well as a high-quality buffet, a bar area and a cigar lounge. Of course, there is no lack of workspaces with state-of-the-art equipment for workoholics, or cozy sleeping quarters (complete with cuddly toy) for guests seeking sleep

The comparison with the First Class Terminal in Frankfurt

If you compare the ambience of the Munich satellite first class lounge with that of the Frankfurt first class terminal, Frankfurt offers a classic, elegant grand hotel atmosphere, while Munich has a more exclusive, cool design. As in the unique First Class Terminal in Frankfurt, a separate passport control facilitates entry and exit. If the plane is parked at an outside position, you will be taken directly to the plane by limousine. If you like, Munich Airport is the little sister of Frankfurt Airport.

Conclusion: The new satellite terminal in Munich is a great addition to the airport in the Bavarian capital. During my visit after a good 100 days in operation, the overall area still seemed very manageable in terms of the number of passengers. This was also true for the number of guests in the lounges. But that can still change in the future

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