Nature camping in Austria’s sunny south

So wonderful is a vacation in harmony with nature

Sustainability, environmental protection and the love of nature are topics that accompany us more and more – be it in everyday life, in mobility or even when it comes to vacations. Because it is often difficult to reconcile big travel plans with our ecological footprint. Instead of booking an exotic long-distance trip, more and more people spend their vacations in a nearby vacation destination. Austria and in particular Carinthia offer themselves for it outstandingly. On the sunny southern side of the Alps, Carinthia, the southernmost province of Austria, offers unparalleled natural beauty, cultural diversity and warm hospitality.

No one has to give up a vacation for the love of nature. Because with the right consciousness each journey can be arranged pollution free – and in addition it does not need often at all much. Gentle tourism is the magic word, which is heard more and more often. The aim is to have as little impact as possible on the nature we have visited, but at the same time to feel it as closely and intensively as possible. In this context, camping is experiencing a real renaissance – and especially nature camping.

Nature camping in the south of Austria

Lake Stappitz Hohe Tauern National Park

In Carinthia, the environment is a top priority. After all, nature is our greatest asset. From the Hohe Tauern National Park with the highest mountains in Austria to the more than 200 bathing lakes with drinking water quality, we live from the beauty and uniqueness of our nature. Protecting and preserving it is one of the greatest challenges of our time – and also one of the most important ones.

Lake Weissensee

Through the conscious interaction with nature, new initiatives are being created in Carinthia, such as the unique Weissensee Nature Park and the Slow Food Travel Region Nassfeld-Pressegger See. You stand for sustainable vacations and have the goal to make Carinthia a pioneer in soft tourism. Nature camping is another milestone in this field and a trend that inspires young and old alike. While the little ones can move carefree outdoors, the adults enjoy a real time-out from everyday life, far away from the stress and hectic of the modern world. Close to nature and peaceful time passes a little slower. That's why nature camping is not only a wonderful option for sustainable vacations, but also a fun experience for the whole family and everyone who wants to feel nature intensively.

Nature camping in Austria's mountains

Landscape Oberdrauburg

As so often in life, when it comes to choosing the perfect campsite: it's all a matter of taste. Because each of the Austrian nature camping sites has its own charm. Some are located in the middle of the forest, peacefully nestled between majestic treetops and shielded from the rest of the world. Others are located in the middle of the mountain world, be it on the mountain or in the valley. Among these, for example, is the Nature & Family Campground in Oberdrauburg. The nature campsite is an excellent starting point for hiking and biking in one of Carinthia's most beautiful regions. Also trips to the impressive Lienz Dolomites can be made from here.

Heiligenblut at the Grobglockner

An excellent example of nature camping – and in the midst of what is probably Austria's most impressive mountain landscape – is National Park Camping Grobglockner in Heiligenblut. Open all year round, the campsite in the heart of the Hohe Tauern National Park offers a fantastic view of the Grossglockner, Austria's highest mountain, and is also an ideal starting point for hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and more. The awareness of the preciousness of the environment has been anchored in the national park region for many generations. Therefore, nature camping here is filled with a particularly pristine charm.

Outdoor Park Oberdrau Valley

You are very close to pure nature when you spend your vacation at the Berggruss campsite. The site is beautifully located in the middle of a magnificent mountain landscape at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level. Families with children who want to experience the country life intensively are guaranteed to be in the right place here. In a backdrop of mountains, meadows and forests, the picturesque landscape along the Drava River opens up every sport and leisure opportunity here

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