Near and far travel – 5 secret destinations for families

Short- and long-distance travel - 5 secret destinations for families

Mostly, the vacation trip with the family falls in the school vacation period and thus in the peak season. The disadvantage: the demand here is extremely high. This makes prices for hotels and flights shoot up enormously. In addition, the most famous areas are mostly crowded with tourist masses.

The alternative: travel to a less known place! Here the crowds are smaller. This means that flights and hotels are often cheaper and there are far fewer vacationers on the road.

Thus, there are numerous local and long-distance destinations in unfamiliar vacation spots that can easily keep up with the usual vacation destinations.

In our blog article, we've compiled a list of 5 secret destinations for local and long-distance travel with your family for you to consider. In addition, you will also get an expert tip for your next family trip from us!

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Johannesburg (South Africa)

Johannesburg (South Africa)

With about 8 million inhabitants Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa. But not only that. Johannesburg is also well connected to the rest of the state. Thus, from Johannesburg you have the perfect opportunity to visit both a diverse cultural program for adults and to create a nature-oriented program for children.

Among other things, the largest game reserve in South Africa is located in Johannesburg: the Kruger National Park. Here you can watch the "Big Five" mammals in the wild together with the family. This includes elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard. In addition, hundreds of other mammals, birds and reptiles also await you.

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Furthermore, Johannesburg impresses with the Gold Reef City. This is a former gold mine that has been converted into a theme park. In addition, tours are offered here in the former deepest gold mines in the world.

South Africa's largest city also boasts a unique UNESCO World Heritage Site: the "Cradle of Humankind". This means the area where the oldest fossil of a human being was found. Johannesburg is thus considered the place of origin of Homo Sapiens.

But also culturally Johannesburg has a lot to offer. For example:

  • A sightseeing tour on the Hop-On/Hop-Off bus, a bus that makes 12 stops to cover the city's biggest attractions
  • Visiting Gandhi Square in downtown Johannesburg
  • The visit of the Carlton Centre, which is the highest building on the African continent
  • Numerous museums, such as the James Hall Museum, for antique vehicles or the Apartheid Museum on which the prison of Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi was located
  • The artists' quarter of the Maboneng District

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Thanks to the cult series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is also known as King's Landing (Kraljev Grudobran). And Dubrovnik lives up to its name.

Here's how the Croatian city offers the perfect mix of cultural vacation and adventure vacation for kids. For example, in Dubrovnik you can go kayaking and at the same time see the city museum from the sea side.

A cable car ride to the top of Srđ mountain will give you exciting views. Among other things you can see various islands like the Adrai or the Elaphiti. But also animals like donkeys and horses can be seen from the cable car.

Especially for children the cable car ride is very exciting. Afterwards you can visit the local war museum on the Srđ mountain.

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Furthermore, Dubrovnik is ideal for a beach trip due to its idyllic Banje beach. In addition, there is a wide range of sports for children here. The island of Lokrum is also only a boat ride away.

As the Banje is not too far from the old town, you can take a stroll around the local markets afterwards.

The highlight of a Dubrovnik trip, however, is the cultural program. Thus, the following cultural offerings are available to you:

  • The Maritime Museum and the Museum of Cultural History
  • The city walls of Dubrovnik with a view of the Adriatic Sea
  • The church of St. Blaise
  • Historical alleys like the Gundulic Square and numerous monuments

Finally, you have the opportunity to end the day in Trsteno. Here you will find an arboretum with gardens, summer house, fountain and olive garden as well as the various forest plants.

Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket (Thailand)

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand. Accordingly, it is home to numerous beaches and bays. On the island itself you will also find plantations, fields and villages. In addition, about 7 percent of the island is covered with virgin forest, which is, of course, also a protected area.

Especially if you want to make your vacation a little more active, Phuket offers the best conditions. The flora of Khao Phra, for example, is an impressive jungle area with several hiking trails at once. Among other things, you will discover karst landscapes, lagoons and caves.

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At the same time you have the opportunity to experience the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project up close and personal. At this one the native gibbon primates are trained for survival in the jungle. Of course, there are many other local species to see as well.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of sports for the whole family. Including canoe trips, paddle tours and diving excursions. Finally, a national park also adorns Phuket. Here you can rent bungalows or even tree houses and relax by the lake.

This is what else Phuket offers to the family vacation:

  • Beaches for every target group, whether traveling alone, as a couple, as a retiree or for families with children
  • Phuket is very central and well connected to the rest of Thailand through its airport. This opens the chance to start a complete Thailand trip from Phuket and travel to other cities from there
  • Phuket is equipped with special air-conditioned indoor playgrounds for children

Aberdeen (Scotland)

Aberdeen (Scotland)

The so-called "granite city" Aberdeen is the third largest city in Scotland. This Scottish metropolis has received this nickname, incidentally, because of its granite buildings in the center. The most famous of these is Marischal College, which ranks as the second largest granite building in the world.

Aberdeen offers historic sights, a variety of recreational activities, and excellent connectivity through its international airport and railroads. During a sightseeing tour of the city, apart from the granite structures, you can also learn about the customs of the region.

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Aberdeen also has its own coast: the coast of Aberdeenshire. Here you can choose from several fascinating beaches like the St. Cyrus, the Montros seafront and Lunan Bay.

In addition, there are numerous bays, cliffs, landscapes and a diverse animal kingdom of turtles, seals, dolphins and whales. In the evening, you can also enjoy a beautiful sunset to end the day.

Furthermore, the following attractions await you in Aberdeen:

  • The Whisky Trail: a signposted route that features the seven most famous Scottish malt whisky distilleries in the world
  • The Castle Trail: a route with over 300 castles, manor houses and ancient castle ruins : a castle on Stonehaven harbor, largely isolated from the mainland : a fortress known for its painted ceilings, towers and ghost stories
  • The Balmoral summer residence of the British royal family
  • The Duff House: houses a collection of various paintings and furniture from the Scottish National Galleries

Goa (India)

Goa (India)

On the west coast of India is the smallest Indian state Goa. The hallmark of the state is its cultural diversity. Thus, several Indian as well as European cultures merge seamlessly here.

Goa's cultural diversity is also accompanied by local markets that offer unique goods from the area. In addition, the smallest state in India is distinguished by its wellness offer. All this is complemented by family-friendly accommodations.The south coast of Goa also offers numerous white sand beaches for every imaginable target group. For example, the Betul is known for its cleanliness and quiet atmosphere. Moreover, the beach is free from tourist crowds.

Perfect for a trip with the children. In contrast, a beach like Calangute is more notorious for its party scene.

Apart from the beautiful beaches, Goa also impresses with unspoiled nature. Including diverse landscapes, deserts, jungles, mountains and coasts. All this is of course accompanied by exciting wildlife, which you can admire in the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Park.

In the northeast of the country, you can also get a closer look at animals such as leopards, bears, cobras or elephants in the Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary. However, the unique feature of Goa are the Dudhsagar waterfalls in the south of the state.

In addition, there is a lot to take in in Goa in terms of culture and history. The following sights are among the most famous in this regard:

  • The city of Velha Goa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, impresses with colonial buildings that are now engulfed by jungle
  • Centuries-old cathedrals, churches and monasteries
  • The Jesus Basilica: one of the most popular pilgrimage sites in the world, with millions of visitors every year

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