Norway in winter: Tips on activities & weather

To experience Norway in winter is something very special. During this time, you not only have the chance to marvel at the colorful northern lights in the sky, but you can also do many other activities such as dog sledding, skiing, winter hiking or even whale watching. If you stay on the coast, you can also expect comparatively mild temperatures around freezing point. In this article you will learn tips & information about Norway in winter.

Climate & weather in winter in Norway

If you are prepared for the cold you are already right. But not everywhere in Norway it gets as cold as you might expect from such a northern country. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Norway has a much milder climate than other regions at the same latitude, such as Alaska, Greenland or Siberia.

The climate in this elongated country varies greatly from region to region. If you stay at the coast in Norway’s winter, you can expect temperatures around the freezing point. If you travel inland the temperatures are usually lower and can reach -10 to -20 degrees. In some places the temperature drops even down to -40 degrees.

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Activities in Norway in winter

Green northern lights on the Lofotoen Henningsvaer in winter Dog sled tour in Norway's winter landscape

The further north you are, the shorter the days are. This makes the northern regions somewhat limited in terms of activities. However, the winter landscape also opens up completely new possibilities that are missing in summer.

Polar night: It refers to the period when the sun does not rise. Like the midnight sun in summer, the polar night is north of the Arctic Circle and lasts longest at the North Cape. From 20. November until 22. January the sun stays below the horizon. Nevertheless, it is not completely dark during this time, because the sun, approaching the horizon, immerses the country in a twilight phase, which bathes northern Norway in a very special light.

The days are short, but still you can experience a lot in winter in Norway. There are countless outdoor activities to try out, if you are lucky you can see auroras and whales and also Norway’s fjords can be enjoyed in this “Viking season” without many other travelers. Among other things, the following activities await you:

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