Our tips for camping in Denmark – vacation between North Sea and Baltic Sea

Wide dune landscapes behind endless beaches, idyllic towns and villages and always a refreshing breeze – Denmark may be a small country, but when it comes to relaxation, it's big. Come with us on a journey to a country that is one of the happiest countries in the world. We give you tips for camping in Denmark.

Camping Denmark

A United Nations network has published the "World Happiness Report" every year since 2012. According to this, the Danes are among the happiest people in the world. Why this is so, you can experience during a round trip through the country at first hand. We give you tips for a tour in a motorhome and introduce you to the places you can't miss. Maybe the Danes will give you a little bit of their happiness to take home with you.

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The most important at a glance

  • The best time for a camping vacation in Denmark is summer. Highlight at this time is especially the traditional midsummer festival.
  • In Denmark there is no everyman right. However, there are many campsites in the middle of untouched nature or directly at the sea.
  • In addition to fascinating maritime landscapes, you will discover lively and colorful cities in Denmark, which you can best explore by bike.

Things to know about Denmark Camping

If you own a motorhome, we recommend to travel with it. Since Denmark is located directly north of Germany, you can get there quickly and don't have to take a ferry to start your adventure. Except for the eastern island of Bornholm, you can reach almost all places via roads and bridges. You can also fly to Copenhagen and rent your camper there.

Midsummer celebration with the camper and the whole family.

The best time for camping in Denmark is of course the summer. A very special experience awaits you on 23. June, when the Danes (like all Scandinavians) celebrate the Midsummer Festival. Spring can be very beautiful, but also still unstable. Between May and September the temperatures are pleasant and usually a rain shower is gone just as quickly as it arrived. Autumn is often very stormy on the coasts in our neighboring country. Winter is not particularly cold, but it is usually wet, windy and uncomfortable.

Tips for planning your camping vacation in Denmark

If you arrive with your own motorhome or rent your vehicle close to home, you have the advantage that you can pack everything you need for your vacation at home. If you fly to Denmark first, you can not pack so much and you have to rent the equipment on site. Which option is cheaper, you should calculate before booking the camper once.

The correct planning of the journey is the A and O.

Unlike Norway and Sweden, there is no everyman's right in Denmark. This means that you can only park your vehicle in designated areas. In return, Denmark offers Pintrip, a program where you can spend a night in the garden of 750 private hosts after buying a vignette. With your membership you get a vignette, the guide with the addresses and access to disposal stations of the Danish Road Administration.

Explore Denmark with the camper

Denmark is just half the size of Austria. Therefore it is advisable not to change the campsite every day. This gives you the possibility to explore the respective surroundings extensively. Since the country is also quite flat, it is recommended to bring bicycles and make leisurely bike rides.

The road network in Denmark is well developed and so the country is especially suitable for you if you are touring with a camper for the first time. No narrow, winding mountain roads and enough space to get acquainted with the peculiarities of driving a vehicle of this size.

Denmark is alternatively perfect to explore by bike

When booking your mobile vacation home you should definitely compare the different offers. Depending on where you pick up the vehicle, there can be big differences in the rental price. Also the included services often vary a lot. Therefore, look carefully what insurance is included and with what equipment the vehicle is provided.

You are still looking for the right camper for your round trip through Denmark? Then have a look at our offers for motorhomes and campers.

How long you want to be on the road in Denmark depends of course on the time you plan for your vacation and how much budget you have for the trip. You can see a lot in one week, but the trip will be more relaxed if you take two weeks.

Campsites in Denmark – What you should consider

There are about 500 campsites between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. These are sometimes in unspoiled nature, sometimes near the beach. Many of the campsites offer not only a parking space and supply stations, but also leisure activities such as pools, playgrounds, entertainment programs or sports facilities.

Camping in Hirtshals directly on the beach

The twenty campsites of the Dansk Camping Union are known for their beautiful locations, often surrounded by nature or close to small towns worth visiting. Some are even located directly at the water. You have the agony of choice between the Wadden Sea in the west and Bornholm in the east. However, especially if you plan to visit the country in July and August, we recommend you to book the places in advance. You will always find a place, but without advance booking you might not find the one you liked so much when planning your tour.

Camping Denmark – our route recommendation

The landscape in Denmark is relatively flat and maritime in character. On the coasts of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea you will find long beaches, often bordered by picturesque dune landscapes. Inland, wide fields alternate with dense forests. Outside the big cities, you will discover one thing above all during your camping vacation in Denmark – a lot of untouched nature.

Ribe – the oldest town in Denmark

The town's history began around the year 700, when the Vikings created a marketplace here. Get a glimpse into the lives of the famous seafarers at Ribe VikingeCenter, where you'll walk through a Viking village. In the medieval town center, you can stroll over cobblestones while enjoying a leisurely shopping spree. In the evening you have the opportunity to accompany the night watchman on his tour. Also worth seeing is the Wadden Sea Center, where you can, among other things, explore the Wadden Sea from the perspective of birds.

Square of Ribe, medieval town and the old capital of Denmark

Top Sights: Ribe Cathedral, Ribe Viking Museum, Witch Museum, Ribe Jazz Festival in July, excursion to the island of Rømø
Camping site nearby: In the middle of greenery between the picturesque old town and the Wadden Sea National Park is Ribe Camping with its half-timbered cottages.

Billund – the home of the colorful building blocks

If you are a fan of theme parks, you will want to make a stop here. What began in 1968 with the Miniland, where cities and buildings were recreated in miniature from Lego bricks, is today a huge amusement park for all fans of the colorful building blocks. Close to LEGOLAND® is the bathing paradise Lalandia. There you can spend a bathing day in the tropical Aquadome. You can choose between wild slides or wellness and relaxation.

Cool down and have fun with a bath day with the whole family

Camping nearby: Vorbasse Camping is only about. 12 kilometers from Legoland and also offers you exciting activities on the site.

Jelling – the heritage of the Vikings

Just a few minutes' drive from Billund, you'll again dive deep into Denmark's history. Under the term Jelling Monuments, significant evidence of the Viking Age was already included here in 1994 in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. King Harald Blauzahn had a church built here next to two burial mounds and two rune stones erected. On one of the stones, the oldest inscription that speaks of the people of Denmark is carved in stone.

High view of Jelling church, where the famous Jelling rune stone is located

Top sights: "baptism certificate" of Denmark, Kongernes Jelling adventure center, historic church, Fårup lake
Campsite nearby: Fårup Sø Camping is located directly on a lake in the middle of an unspoiled natural landscape.

Thy National Park – the rugged North Sea coastline

On the northwestern coast between Agger Tange and Hanstholm you will explore Denmark's oldest national park on 244 square kilometers. While you hike along the coast through grassy dune landscapes and let the wind blow through your hair, fragrant pine forests with shady cycling and hiking trails await you behind them. The southern part of the park, Agger Tange, is an important resting place for migratory birds on their long journeys.

Mother and daughter playing together on the beach

Top sights: Hanstholm Lighthouse, Bird Tower at Tved Dune, Hanstholm Game Reserve, Stenbjerg Information Center, Lodbjerg Lighthouse
Camping nearby: Vorupør Camping has a sensational location on the beach in the middle of the national park.

Rubjerg Knude – Denmark's most famous shifting sand dune

An impressive natural spectacle awaits you while camping in Denmark near Lønstrup almost at the northern tip of Jutland. Rocky faults from the last ice age are covered by about 50 meters of sand here. The wind that blows across the land from the North Sea creates shifting dunes here and gradually gives rise to a cliffy coast with cliffs. The largest shifting sand dune is Rubjerg Knude, with a height of up to 100 meters. The lighthouse, inaugurated in 1900, was in danger of falling into the sea. That's why they pulled it 70 meters further inland in a spectacular move in October 2019.

The old lighthouse in Rubjerg Knude

The old lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude

Top sights: Rubjerg Knude Fyr, shifting sand dune, Lønstrup cliff
Camping nearby: From Løkken Strand Camping you can see the lighthouse in its new place. Directly in front of the campsite you will find a beach with finest white sand.

Skagen – the city of light

Denmark's northernmost city has long held a special attraction for painters due to its special light. After the painters, the bohemians and rich Copenhagen citizens discovered the city as a vacation resort. The yellow houses with their red roofs and white windows exude a very special charm that is easy to fall for. Not far from Skagen is Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark. Here you can stand with one foot in the North Sea, while the other is washed by the waves of the Baltic Sea.

Skagen, a picturesque setting

Top sights: Silted church, shifting sand dune Råbjerg Mile, palm beach Frederikshavn
Campsite nearby: Poul Eeg Camping offers you extra large pitches for your camper and is located just a few minutes by bike from the harbor.

Åalborg – the small city at the Limfjord

The capital of North Jutland is sometimes compared to Paris. However, a very cozy, because the city is also considered the epitome of hygge (typical Danish term for a cozy and warm way of life). In the car-free old town you can stroll through picturesque alleys with colorful houses, where you can find many small boutiques. Aalborg is also known for its large number of good restaurants. You can relax for a few days in this lively city.

Aalborg capital of North Jutland

Top sights: Aalborg Streetfood Market, Nordkraft Aalborg, Street Art, Aalborg Tower, beautiful nature at the Limfjord
Camping nearby: Aalborg Family Camping is located about 2.5 kilometers from the center at Strandpark, where you will also find a swimming beach.

Aarhus – the city of smiles

Denmark's second largest city offers you a colorful mixture of culture, shopping and culinary delights, paired with a lot of hyggelige joie de vivre. You will discover it in a particularly charming way in the Latiner quarter, the old part of town. On the roof of the ARoS art museum you turn a view round in a rainbow. When you have experienced the city, it is worth taking a detour to the open-air museum Den Gamle By with its historic buildings. There are even more medieval things to see in August at the medieval festival in Horsens.

Top sights: Samsø Island, Mols Bjerge National Park, Aarhus Festival (late August – early September), Marselisborg Castle, Infinity Bridge
Campsite nearby: Aarhus Camping is only a short drive from the city center and is partly located in a former gravel pit

Odense – the fairytale city

From the mainland we now go to the island of Funen between the Great and Small Belt. The famous writer and storyteller Hans Christian Andersen was born here and is commemorated in many places in the city. Odense is also known as the Garden of Denmark because there are so many green spaces and parks here. If you are interested in culture, Odense offers you a wealth of historical and modern architecture, street art, museums and galleries during your camping vacation in Denmark.

Sculpture by Hans Christian Andersen in Odense

Top places of interest: Open-air museum Fyn Village, Odin's Odense, boat trip on the river, Egeskov Castle, Bridgewalking Lillebælt, Naturama
Campsite nearby: In the south of Funen lies the Faaborg campsite in the middle of picturesque nature. In the surrounding area you will also find nice swimming beaches.

Copenhagen – the royal capital

The Danish capital has set itself the ambitious goal of being the first capital in the world to be CO2 neutral in 2025. Already today the bicycle is the means of transport of choice and even in the harbor the water has bathing quality. There is plenty to see. There are the colorful houses on Nyhavn, royal castles, world-renowned museums and a great mix of historical and modern architecture. So take some time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Summer sunset with a view of the Nyhavn pier with the colorful houses

Top Sights: Amalienborg, Christiansborg and Kronborg Castles, Tivoli Amusement Park, Little Mermaid, Roskilde Cathedral, Stevns Klingt, Møns Klint
Camping site in the vicinity: Copenhagen Camping is located in the east of the city near the airport and the oresund Bridge.

Bornholm – Denmark's sunniest island

The island is closer to Rugen than to the Danish motherland. But you can reach it by ferry from Køge on Sealand. While in the south long sandy beaches invite you for a refreshing swim, in the north you will marvel at a rough rocky coast with romantic bathing bays. In the picturesque villages many colorful half-timbered houses provide a special charm. In the interior of the island you can explore extensive heaths and dense forests.

Helligdomsklipperne at sunrise near Badsted in the north of Bornholm

Top sights: Bornholm's round churches, Hammershus castle ruins, "pea islands" Christiansø and Frederiksø
Campsite nearby: Dueodde Familiecamping & Hostel is located directly on one of the most beautiful beaches in Denmark and is the ideal place to relax for a few days after your round trip.

Frequently asked questions about camping Denmark

A vacation with the camper offers a maximum of freedom and many great experiences. But as already mentioned, this kind of traveling requires a certain amount of planning in advance and this raises questions. Here are a few answers.

Which camping card is recommended for Denmark?

You don't really need a special map, but we recommend that you buy the "Camping Key Europe" pass. With this you can use cheap offers for one year on many campsites all over Europe and at the same time you have a liability insurance included.

What to keep in mind when driving in Denmark?

In principle, there is not much that is different in Denmark than in Germany. A special feature is the fact that the dipped headlights must always be switched on, even during the day. In towns there is usually a speed limit of 50 km/h, outside the towns on country roads 80 km/h and on expressways and highways 110-130 km/h.

What does camping in Denmark cost?

Depending on the campsite and the season, you can expect to pay between seven and thirteen euros per night. In addition, there is electricity (approx. three Euro) and often an environmental surcharge. On many campsites you may also take your dogs, for which you then have to pay on average two to five euros. With the Camping Key – card you often get discounts on the sites.

Conclusion: Is Denmark suitable for a camping trip??

Denmark is a relatively small country, but has a lot of sights to offer. If you associate camping with the feeling of freedom, then you will find a piece of paradise in Denmark. A huge selection of campsites, often located in beautiful surroundings, awaits you here. A well-developed road network makes it easy for you to get from one place to another. This makes our northern neighboring country also attractive for all those who have never been on the road with a motorhome and want to try this kind of travel.

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