Language school Perth: English lessons on the wild west coast

Perth is located on Australia's west coast, known for its unspoiled nature, beautiful beaches, fiery red earth, magnificent national parks, extraordinary flora & fauna and an authentic Down Under flair. Attending a language school in Perth is advisable for anyone who wants to experience the wild part of the 5. Continent would like to explore. Compared to the busy east coast, the west is much less touristy – and that despite countless sights of the absolute extra class. Although some of the highlights are quite far away from each other, the trips from A to B are often incredibly charming, because you simply can't get enough of the landscape.

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Excursion to dune surfing

Trip in a classic car through Cuba

A road trip through the west of Cuba in a vintage car was the plan. With two teenagers on board, the mix of city, sightseeing, nature and beach was just right for us.

We started our trip with three days in Havana with from our point of view the best Havana Guide in the world, our dear Bernardo. He showed us many things behind the scenes, first one day on foot, then one day in our bright orange Chevy Belair. Great experience!

Our tips for camping in Denmark – vacation between North Sea and Baltic Sea

Wide dune landscapes behind endless beaches, idyllic towns and villages and always a refreshing breeze – Denmark may be a small country, but when it comes to relaxation, it's big. Come with us on a journey to a country that is one of the happiest countries in the world. We give you tips for camping in Denmark.

Camping Denmark

The James Bond Style: The best tips

The magic of 007? No question about it: it is the incomparable James Bond style that made the literary and film character a style icon. And how can this be translated into everyday life?? We show how you can adapt the James Bond style – without looking dressed up.

You Are Bond!

Before we get into the details of the James Bond style, let's talk about where the fascination with James Bond actually comes from? It is the coolness, coupled with an incorrigible charm – and a good pinch of optimism. The character James Bond grabs on and does not let himself be diverted from his path.

Santander Travelcard with travel cancellation – test & experience

The Santander Travelcard is a MasterCard credit card. However, the "special features" are aimed at the group of people who travel more often. For an annual fee of 48 euros and ten euros for the additional card, the cardholder primarily receives a comprehensive insurance package. This consists of

  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • International travel health insurance
  • Transport accident insurance
  • Purchase protection insurance

Test and experience

Santander Travelcard test report & experience report.

SIDEBOARD decorate properly, 5 TIPS that will help you

One of my absolute favorite furniture is the sideboards or the dressers. They always offer so much storage space that I can store all my vases, decorative things and lots of odds and ends in them and also have a good surface to decorate on. In addition, this furniture is often very classically designed, have clean lines and timeless look that they just fit into any room and any style.