Park Inn Koln West – accommodation tip for Christmas markets in Cologne

Cologne, is always worth a visit. The Rhine metropolis enchants with its charm tourists, trade fair visitors as well as the locals a suitable hotel for the stay is the Park Inn Cologne West.

Especially during the Christmas season, there is something very special in the air in Cologne – Christmas spirit.With an impressive selection of Christmas markets, Cologne is guaranteed to meet everyone's taste. Whether colorful or flashy, full of art or classic, Cologne delivers a healthy mix of Christmas spirit.

But if it should have been one mulled wine or even tasty eggnog too much. Then, of course, an overnight stay in the cathedral city is not a bad idea. You can also find many in on my blog.

Park Inn Cologne night

Park Inn Koln West – accommodation tip for Christmas markets in Cologne

Located not far from the city center of Cologne in Ehrenfeld. In December, I took a look at the Park Inn Koln City West to see if it was "suitable for Christmas".

Park Inn Cologne – Here you feel welcome!

Arrived in hotel sets itself with the absolutely Stimmungsvollen decoration directly Christmas mood. Fairy lights, candles, fir trees as far as the eye can see. We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a delicious and refreshing coffee. This is the best way to start the day!

Arrived in the room then the surprise. Next to a fishy fruit plate we found an object of our desire. Peanut Butter. In the form of a delicious and juicy peanut butter chocolate cake. Too bad that there is no taste Internet, I would love to share this pleasure with you!

Park Inn Cologne Cake Park Inn cologne breakfast

Just relax

Since it was not our first time in Cologne, we decided to take a more relaxed approach to this short trip. Normally we rush a little bit on city trips, so we don't miss or forget anything.

This time, however, we put the focus on the hotel and just enjoyed doing little to nothing. We had only a few Christmas markets on our list, the rest was completely flexible.

So we decided to relax in the room first and later go to the Christmas market. A good choice with the comfortable beds. It was hard to get up after a little nap, but we were on a Christmas mission.

Culinary highlights in the restaurant

At our 2. Day we have it and in the hotel's own restaurant pretty wellgehen let us. The menu leaves nothing to be desired and I really thought for a long time about what to eat. So I decided for a house-pickled char with cucumber salad and wasabi lime sour cream as an appetizer. This should be followed by an Argentinian entrecote with stuffed apple and roasted potatoes. As a crowning finale iced tiramisu with coffee sauce.

Dinner Park Inn Cologne Dinner Park Inn Cologne Dinner Park Inn Cologne Dinner Park Inn Cologne

So we rolled back to the room, because after these delicacies we were too K.O. to go again into the city center. Which was absolutely no shame, because the cozy bed and good movies on video on demand had a very relaxing effect on us.

Ehrenfeld and the center of Cologne

street art Cologne ROA

The Park Inn Koln City West is located in the trendy district Ehrenfeld. The new "In Viertel" of Cologne has a charm all of its own. The Ehrenfelder see themselves also as Cologne, but definitely also as individualists. Small boutiques, restaurants and alternative stores have settled here.

Street art fans get their money's worth here, because Ehrenfeld is full of urban art and special corners. So you can find meter-high murals (graffiti) on the walls of the houses. So it's worth to walk through the streets and just let your eyes wander.

I took a street art tour of Cologne Ehrenfeld and the Belgian Quarter:


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