Pemuteran in the north of Bali: glamping and dreamlike temples

Pemuteran, you are you wonderfully pristine and unadulterated. A (still) undiscovered pearl in the far north of Bali in Indonesia and on the whole island. Besides the beach, beautiful hotels and temples, you can relax and unwind here.

Sometimes it's the seclusion you need to make a trip extra special. After I was on my Bali round trip in Indonesia with already in and, the third and penultimate stop is somewhat more secluded.

Coming – Your way to Pemuteran

5 hours drive from the east of Bali to Pemuteran. Passing picturesque rice terraces and the 2017 erupted volcano Gunung Agung. 100 kilometers I drive over bumpy and winding roads, also affectionately called Snake-Roads (Attention: have travel tablets ready).

Arriving in the north, we continue on a continuous coastal road for approx. 60 kilometers further to Pemuteran in the northwest of Bali.

Relaxation at a high level

Although Pemuteran is very pristine (more on that later), there is a little gem here. At Menjangan Dynasty Resort, there are safari tent rooms and villas, combined with a series of open common spaces made of bamboo and Balinese material.

The tents are located on a plot of land that always leaves enough space to the neighbor via winding paths. On the terraces of the tents one is practically shielded from all looks, since the terrain rises slightly.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

The focus of the glamping tents is, against many expectations, the coziness and a very special flair. Each Beach Camp tent is just under 40 square meters and is connected to a large open-air deck, equipped a lounger and a rocking chair. From here you can watch the stars at night.

Each room has an air-conditioned sleeping area with a queen size bed, a desk and a closet. Especially luxurious are the many goatskin rugs, driftwood and seaweed lamps, rattan storage baskets, and a picnic basket full of good-smelling toiletries.

The bathrooms are integrated in the tent and there is no annoying sneaking out in the night when you have a need. The bathroom area is set off by a hand-painted tile floor and consists of a rain shower, a vanity with sink and mirror, and a toilet with a bamboo privacy screen.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

Bali Glamping, the more luxurious camping

The Menjangan Dynasty Resort offers beside the really extraordinary experience to stay overnight in a luxurious tent also with a fantastically beautiful infinity pool. It is really nice to stay here. The view is of the nature reserve and lots of greenery.

The resort also has its own stretch of beach, which lies below the complex. The beach is particularly advantageous, as the resort area is located in a bay. Here you can snorkel wonderfully or rent a pedal boat without exposing yourself to the sometimes very rough waves of the north. So just relaxing on the beach is also an option.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

Besides relaxing at the pool you can also enjoy a massage (also in tents). With a view of the water, relaxing is even easier. The staff in the spa read your every wish from your eyes. I had the best Balinese massage during my Bali trip at Menjangan Dynasty Resort. To this I must say that I really often had a massage. Very often.

Since the center of Pemuteran is ca. 15 minutes from the resort, it is worthwhile to dine in the evening at the in-house restaurant. Here you sit openly under huge bamboo logs overlooking the calm sea. The menu is quite small and also not cheap. The fish, on this day buttermackerel, was a dream though and also the money (ca.10€) worth.

Menjangan Dynasty Resort Pemuteran Bali

The most beautiful temples in Pemuteran

If you, like me, can't get enough of the great Balinese temples, you should definitely visit 3 temples nearby. Since Pemuteran is not well developed, it is worth organizing a driver for a half-day tour to the temples.

In total the tour cost approx. 30€ per person. This was not cheap by Balinese standards. However, it should be mentioned that the tour was organized by the hotel. A cab driver would have been probably more favorable, however it is hardly possible to organize one from the hotel. The nearest main road is ca. 10 minutes away, before that only a gravel road leads to the hotel.

Pura Pulaki – the temple of the monkeys

Pura Pulaki is the main temple of Pemuteran. It stands behind the hills and is home to several groups of gray macaque monkeys. The monkeys here are very cheeky, because they are not used to humans as they are in the Monkey Forest in Ubud.

Also, the monkeys do not live in the temple complex, because it is protected by a huge cage. On the forecourt and the surrounding park, however, there are some large groups of monkeys.

Pura Pulaki Pemuteran Bali Temple

Pura Pulaki Pemuteran Bali Temple

Pura Pulaki Pemuteran Bali Temple

Pura Pabean – the sea temple

Across the road, bordering the ocean, is Pura Pabean, where local fishermen pray for safe travels. This temple shows an unusual mixture of Balinese and Chinese decorations.

At the foot of Pura Pabean, right by the sea in the north of the island and on the beach, there is a very simple and much older temple known as Pura Segara. The only decorations here are two piles of stones. This is the first temple that existed in Pemutaran.

Pura Pabean Pemuteran Bali Temple

Pura Pabean Pemuteran Bali Temple

Pura Melanting – the temple of the business owners

The Melanting temple is also called temple of the traders.Because of its rich historical architecture and its special location, this is the largest temple in and around Pemuteran. The temple dates from the 15th century. It is a nineteenth century temple located on the slopes of Mount Pulaki and surrounded by tropical forests and local vineyards.

I am not a fan of getting involved in tourist rituals, such as making offerings in the temples. But the mood here in the Melanting Temple has infected me and so the priest held a ritual for me, which strengthens my business. I probably would not have done this if the temple would have been touristy, however we were the only visitors here.

Behind the Melanting Temple is the Puncak Manik Temple. A small temple, built around a sacred spring, high up in the hills. The ascent takes about 30 minutes and leads upwards through no shade. So the visit is worthwhile only, in the early morning. With 34 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, I did not make the ascent.

Pura Melanting Temple Bali Pemuteran

Pura Melanting temple Bali Pemuteran

Pura Melanting Temple Bali Pemuteran

Pura Melanting Temple Bali Pemuteran

The third stop of my Bali round trip with Erlebe Fernreisen

I am traveling during my round trip through Bali with Erlebe Fernreisen. For 7 nights I explore Bali and make 4 different stops. The third stop is Pemuteran with glamping at Menjangan Dynasty Resort.

Erlebe Fernreisen offers this combination in a module, which you can find here:

All Bali inspirations at a glance:

Do you have any questions about Pemuteran and the Bali Temples?

Did you like this article? Do you have anything else that absolutely must be added to the tips for Pemutaran on Bali in Indonesia? Let me know in the comments!

Open and honest: Thanks to Erlebe Fernreisen for the invitation. My opinion is, as always, not influenced by this. I only report about places and things that I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart. The Menjangan Dynasty Resort is one of them.

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