Phantasialand Fantissima experience: Gourmet indulgence and a whole lot of feeling

What is it like to dive into a completely new world for a weekend?? To be abducted virtually at your doorstep? And completely new events come crashing down on you? I had this experience in April, just a stone's throw from my front door.

My journey took me to the tranquil yet adventurous town of Bruhl, near Cologne, Germany. Here I was a guest at the Hotel Ling Bao and at the same time at the evening dinner show Fantissima on the grounds of Phantasialand. This is a delicious dinner like in a restaurant, which can also be booked with several people and a show at the same time.

Phantasialand Fantissima experience: Dinner show and overnight stay

Hotel Ling Bao – a Chinese dream

Arriving at the site I was directly reminded of my Asia travels and the beautiful buildings and hotels. That is built in Chinese style and according to the principles of Feng Shui. And that in a very authentic way. Already the entrance hall welcomes me with a special warm feeling and an impressive architecture.

Hotel Ling Bao - Phantasialand Fantissima

Arrived, took a deep breath, and directly felt like in a distant world. This is exactly the feeling that makes up a short vacation. I feel good and have the small feeling of leaving my everyday life behind me. Fortunately I have caught a beautiful day and after checking into my room I can relax at the spacious and heated outdoor pool.

Hotel Ling Bao - Phantasialand Fantissima

Asia or Germany – I let myself surprise

An outdoor pool? This is not a matter of course for a hotel in a theme park. Because you would think it would be very functional for the park guests here. The pool is comfortably warm and the outside temperature of almost 25° degrees naturally invites me to tan a bit and relax before the evening dinner show.

Hotel Ling Bao - Phantasialand Fantissima

So I make myself comfortable and then go for a little walk through the in-house garden. Here, too, it is always noticeable how much thought has been given to the small details. I actually feel like I'm on a little Asia trip. In the evening I get ready for Fantissima, the dinner show, which takes place about 400 meters from the hotel.

Hotel Ling Bao Phantasialand Fantissima

More info about the Hotel Ling Bao and booking can be found here:

Fantissima dinner show – once with a lot of style please

The Fantissima dinner show consists of a four-course menu and its own show blocks, which take place between the individual menu items. In the foyer I look around and immediately discover a small theme park character, because the location is built like a courtyard. A particularly chic courtyard.

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

In the middle there is a piano being played and above it hangs a large chandelier that I would have loved to take home immediately. Soft music gets the visitors in the mood to spend a wonderful evening. Dimmed light and a tingling atmosphere do the rest.

The Fantissima menu convinces with refinement and nostalgia

Sometimes menus read better than they taste. This is not a rarity, especially also the play with exotic ingredients and also spices is a fine line. The Fantissima menu didn't disappoint me at any point and every component was a real treat.

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

The appetizer – Fish vs. Meat

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

Fantissima Menu – Appetizer:

Iberico fillet with crowberry and sea grass
Tomato plantain salsa
Fried dolphinfish with apricot shine
on purple potato in brick dough and "spicy" yams

Fish is not everyone's cup of tea and that's why they like to serve it as an appetizer. The dolphinfish and the iberico fillet harmonize very well in this appetizer. Crowberry and seaweed were unknown to me and surprised me in terms of taste. The fruity component of the plantain was surprisingly refreshing. Delicious!

The soup – it's all in the mix

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

Fantissima Menu – Soup:

Chorizo cream soup with crisp
Basil cream soup

Of course, I read up on the menu beforehand and was told that it's best to spoon the soups in alternating order. No sooner said than done. The spicy chorizo cream soup harmonizes with the light "coolness" of the basil. Delicious!

The main course – A touch of home cooking interpreted in a refined way

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

Fantissima Menu Main Course:

Fillet of veal "Marrakesh" with creamed spinach, potato and orange mashed potatoes,
Quail egg and vanilla cherry jus

The menus at Fantissima are always inspired by a particular circumstance, in addition to a spice-laden component, there is always a little twist. To liven up the main course, a childhood classic was used here. Who does not know it? Spinach with mashed potatoes and fried egg.

So that this does not come across too boringly, with spices one played. A touch of orange gives the dish a character of its own and, together with the quail egg, reconstitutes the classic. The veal fillet is to the point and the sauce a poem. It smells a bit like Christmas at the beginning but has a very fine taste.

The dessert – rich and delicious

Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

Fantissima Menu Dessert:

Kaiserschmarrn with plum compote
Praline ice cream on pistachio florentine
Greek cream yoghurt with lime sugar

Actually, I'm full, but I just can't say no to a good dessert. The plate is plump and rich. The Kaiserschmarrn has a very fine note and tastes to kneel down. The lime yogurt forms a successful contrast to it. The praline ice cream, what can I say? Was gone way too fast. By the way, children like this too!

Phantasialand Fantissima- a show with soul

Beside the food of course also the entertainment character should not come too briefly. The aisles are interrupted by the show blocks. Each block has its own motto and theme. It's both artistic, dancing, singing and sometimes with comedy elements. I do not want to give away too much of the show, but it was more than worth it.

Fantissima dinner show at PhantasialandFantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

The costumes are pure madness and you can see how much attention to detail and small elements are in them. The show itself does not need a big stage set, a video screen projects the scenes into the background. A live band plays throughout the evening, also between the show blocks, and thus ensures a pleasant atmosphere in the hall.

Fantissima dinner show at PhantasialandFantissima dinner show in Phantasialand

More info about the booking, the show and the culinary delights you can find here:

A farewell from the Hotel Ling Bao

With a proper earworm after a recovered night, I make my way back towards home again. Of course, not without a proper strengthening at the breakfast buffet at Hotel Ling Bao. Also here no wishes remain open. I review the successful evening and I am very satisfied.

Hotel Ling Bao - Fantissima dinner show at Phantasialand

If you still want to see this Fantissima dinner show, then you have to hurry up. The current program runs until the end of June. After the show preparations and the redesign it will go on again in autumn with a new show. Tickets are available online on the website. The possibility to book one of the hotels also exists. The show also runs during the Wintertraum.

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Open and honest: Thanks to Fantissima, for the invitation. As always, my opinion is not influenced by this. I only report about places and things that I can really recommend from the bottom of my heart. This hotel and the show are part of it.

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