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The magic of the Algarve? Probably not to be put into words. Wherever you stay: it is wonderful. But one of the most beautiful places has done it to editor-in-chief Frieda Hintze. We are talking about the "Pine Cliffs Hotel, a Luxury Collection Resort", not far from Albufeira. The name says it all..

This fragrance! I will probably miss it the most. Now, after my departure from Pine Cliffs. Because in the gigantic five-star resort it smells like in paradise. Thanks to the numerous pine trees that provide a lot of shade here – the resort owes its name to them. But not only the pine trees are in full splendor here. Actually every imaginable plant or flower can be found along the curved paths: callas, parrot plants, orange blossoms, lemon trees. The Pine Cliffs complex is like a Garden of Eden. The lush green lawn shines with the blue sky and the shimmering Atlantic Ocean around the bet. Yes, you can live here.

Pine Cliffs Algarve

Why leave paradise?

And that is exactly what Pine Cliffs seems to be designed for. That you stay here as a guest, not leaving the resort at all. Why should you also? Here you can find everything the stressed heart could long for. The resort covers a proud 77 hectares – and 1400 bedrooms. Because Pine Cliffs is not only one of the best five-star hotels in the region. The area is also home to villas and apartments that wealthy Algarve connoisseurs can buy and rent out, as well as the beautiful Ocean Suites with kitchenettes and balconies or gardens.

Pine Cliffs

The interior: Hard to describe

But we stay in one of the beautiful guestrooms (maybe even the most beautiful one). With a gigantic view over the pool and the copper-colored cliffs. The golden beach can only be reached by elevator. Because the cliffs are steep and rugged. Typical Algarve, just. Describing the interior is all too difficult. The Ocean Suites are modern and straightforward. In the apartments the furnishings are more typically Portuguese. The same is true for the beautiful guest rooms and suites. The bathrooms here are fantastic. Equipped with Byredo amenities by the way.

Pine Cliffs

Of course, the ravages of time also gnaw at the Pine Cliffs. A broken tile here, a cracked tile there. With a plant of the size, hardly surprisingly. But the patina is constantly counteracted. Only in 2016, the older part of the resort – the hotel – was also completely renovated. And while strolling along the paths, one notices: work is constantly being done to maintain the well-kept condition. Trees are trimmed, pools cleaned, lawns mowed.

Pine Cliffs

Precious tranquility at Pine Cliffs

The fact that the resort can accommodate so many guests in the high season (again, as a reminder, 1400 bedrooms)!), does not stand out at all. Because thanks to the spaciousness of the Pine Cliffs. You always have enough space to be. To take a deep breath. To let your mind wander. If you need even more peace and quiet, you should come in the off-season (like us)!). Then you enjoy one thing above all else in the five-star resort: precious peace and quiet! The disadvantage: some restaurants, such as the Piri Piri Steak House, the Mare on the beautiful beach or the Japanese restaurant Yakuza are not open at this time of the day.

Pine Cliffs

But we do not have to starve. In the Jardim Colonial, where the breakfast buffet is also served, there's a sumptuous buffet in the evening. The Corda Cafe again serves international cuisine (and especially Mexican food) from noon to night. Great for a sundowner is the Mirador Champagne Bar – directly at the cliffs. Under lanterns and with a panoramic view of the coast, you can enjoy fine drinks to relaxing music.

Pine Cliffs

El Dorado for golf enthusiasts

No question: Pine Cliffs is perfect for families. Child care and fun is available here around the clock. And also peace seekers will be happy in the resort. They can not only work out in the health club on the fitness equipment or relax in the steam sauna (included in the room rate). But especially in the Serenity Spa opened in 2016 so really relax. The entrance costs a surcharge. But if you want to take a spa treatment anyway, you can enjoy sauna, steam bath and indoor pool as well as experience showers at no additional cost.

Pine Cliffs

An absolute unique selling point is without question the 9-hole golf course – which is located in the middle of the resort, directly on the coastline. Here passionate golf guests tee off and enjoy the gigantic view over the Atlantic Ocean. But be careful: The panorama could distract from the actual game. If you are looking for something different, you will find it in the region around the Pine Cliffs. In the surrounding area there are numerous golf courses, so you can improve your handicap during your vacation in any case..

Now I am not a golf player myself. But that does not matter. Because in the end, it's the memory that counts: And that will certainly linger long after your visit to Pine Cliffs..

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