Portland to Eugene distance and other travel tips

There is not an ounce of hyperbole when you hear: "Travel is better than arriving." It is interesting how you can compare your travel time with the new environment to discover new things every time you embark on a new journey. Be it a self-reflection, learning something new, either in yourself or in your perspective, there is a sense of adrenaline rush in every trip you take around the world. The drive from Portland to Eugene is a 112-mile stretch filled with small towns and villages – the scenic beauty along this road ranks it as one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Photo by Chris Boswell / Fotolia

Portland to Eugene by plane

One can find frequent flights from Portland to Eugene from Portland International Airport (PDX), the leading airport in the US state of Oregon. It is located within the city limits of Portland, toward the south of the Columbia River in Multnomah County. The airport is responsible for 90 percent of passenger traffic and more than 95 percent of air cargo in the state of Oregon. A 2013 survey found PDX to be the best U.S. airport for getting time, restaurants, shopping and connectivity from the airport to major parts of Portland. In addition, the airport's geometric patterned carpet has received much media attention due to its symbolic representation of the north-south runway intersection as observed by air traffic controllers at night.

Alaska Airlines offers nonstop flights from Portland to Eugene, reaching the destination in 35 minutes. A one-way one-way ticket costs an average of $210 with varying prices depending on when the ticket is booked. Airline service providers such as American Eagle, United and Delta offer connecting flights from Portland to Eugene with layovers of 5 to 9 hours. Photo: jpldesigns / Fotolia

Portland to Eugene by train

Amtrak, U.S. and Canada's leading rail provider, connects Portland Union Station and Eugene-Springfield Station across some of the most scenic backdrops. The train offers carry-on and checked baggage when traveling from Portland to Eugene, as well as amenities for travelers that include an in-house lounge, Wi-Fi and a wheelchair ramp. This route has the option to reserve bike spaces, for which a traveler must purchase a separate ticket.

Amtrak's Cascades offers a reserved coach seat and business class seating for travelers on that route, while the Coast Starlight train offers an additional seating experience; Superliner Roomette, a sleeper car that is suitable for 2 travelers. The room has reclining seats that can be converted into comfortable beds. Reserved seats are great for short trips, while business-class seats are comfortable enough to wait for work en route. The trip by train takes approx. 3 hours and tickets range from $28 to $250, depending on seating choice. Photo: jkraft5 / Fotolia

Portland to Eugene by bus

Both Amtrak and Greyhound offer bus service between Portland and Eugene. The trip takes ca. 3 hours and ticket prices range from $8 to $50, with special discounts for tickets purchased online. Buses are Wi-Fi enabled, individual power outlets are available for each seat, providing extra leg room to ensure comfort. Bus travel on Amtrak offers reserved bike spaces for travelers who want to carry their bike with them. Since Eugene is a city where bike paths are well connected, you don't want to miss your bike.

The bus travels through beautiful scenery, which in itself is a refreshing experience not to be missed.

About private chauffeur service

Portland car service providers offer hourly chauffeur services that start from $295 when traveling from Portland to Eugene. Choose from limousines, coaches, limousines and coaches, depending on your requirements, and let someone drive you while you relax and enjoy the ride while indulging in the picturesque beauty of nature that deserves no mention.

Chauffeur services are available 24/7 to serve a broader market, making them an ideal choice in public transportation. Save time at check-in and long waits during flight delays when you book a chauffeured service. Photo: ftfoxfoto- Fotolia.com

By car

Transportation solution giants like Enterprise Rent-A-Car offer car rentals in nearly every part of the United States. They also offer trip planning if you discuss travel instructions with them. From cars, SUVs, trucks, minivans and vans, there is a vehicle to suit your taste and requirement. Car rental rates range from $40 to $60 per day for economy and full-size cars respectively. Premium and luxury cars are subject to availability and must be checked with customer service.

Renting a car gives you an advantage on your trip as you are only responsible for your trip and you can decide if you want to rent the rental service one way or two way without being tied to one vehicle the trip. Rental companies will arrange for you to leave the vehicle at a specific location if you do not wish to take the car back on a round trip. Photo: kichigin19 / Fotolia

Get around by bike

According to Google Maps, the approximate drive time from Portland to Eugene is about 12 hours via the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. This distance of 130 miles has an abundance of interesting places to visit with ample boarding and lodging options for bicyclists on this route ventures.

One of the main attractions visited by bikers on this route is the McKenzie River, a 90-mile tributary of the Willamette River.This historic river is named after Donald Mackenzie, a Scottish-Canadian fur trader who traveled these parts in the early 19 th century, while being associated with the Pacific Fur Company.

The McKenzie River is especially popular for boating, fishing, kayaking and whitewater rafting. Its watershed is a perfect place to host sports like hiking and mountain biking on a 26.5-mile trail. The river is enclosed in dense forest to the west side and is home to the endangered northern mocking owl.

Both Portland and Eugene have well-connected bike paths, and your bike could be just the companion you need to get around town. With public transit offering bike transportation, you can hop on and off as you explore the city. Photo: Josemaria Toscano / Fotolia

Things to see

Portland is home to an abundance of arts and artists, was voted as the country's 10 th Best Big City Arts Destination in 2006. It is a place that has won the awards? Greenest City in America? For its enviable lush greenery. Portland hosts several festivals throughout the year to celebrate beer and ale – an event that specializes in rare and exotic beers like Imperial Stouts, Barley Wines, Sour Ales and Barrel Aged Strong Ales from breweries around the world. The event continues to be delighted with live music and local food.

The city has an obvious obsession with lights, as Pioneer Courthouse Square hosts an annual Christmas tree lighting event that powers the lights during the holiday season. A special street in the Sunnyside neighborhood called Peacock Lane will have decorated homes during the Christmas season. In addition, visitors to the street are taken in horse-drawn carriages to bring them into the village.

From landmarks to sightseeing to museums and concerts, you can get a list of exciting destinations based on your interests with this all-inclusive list of things to do in Portland

Eugene sights

If you like wine tasting or if you long for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, head up Highway 99W from Portland South and all the way to Eugene. It is said that the true essence of Oregon is not experienced until you visit Eugene – a jubilant college town that is home to the University of Oregon; named after its founder, Eugene Franklin Skinner.

The well-connected public transportation and bicycle paths make Eugene a real pleasure to visit. The city is nicknamed "Track Town USA" because the Amtrak depot is located in the heart of downtown, a historic site surrounded by everything that's happening right now. from shopping to good food. A train ride to Eugene Station on Willamette Street is all you need to experience the festivals, markets and street fairs that make this city young and euphoric.

The city is a natural dwelling for picturesque beauty, filled with recreational opportunities such as biking, jogging, rafting, kayaking and a passionate focus on art. With the majority of the population being students at the university and its many colleges, Eugene has become a lively and community-oriented city that offers many low-cost and free activities. Fortunately, there's not a lot of money to experience everything Eugene has to offer. Photo: David Gn / Fotolia

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