Prignitz idyllic countryside with storks and a lot of history

In the northwest of Brandenburg, between Hamburg and Berlin, the Prignitz region stretches out with its austere charm. The region's village idyll and tranquility inspire delight in the simplicity of country life. Nowhere else in Europe do storks feel as at home as in the Elbe floodplain landscape. The Prignitz is a paradise for cyclists: the landscape is flat, the cycle paths are well developed and the junction system makes tour planning a breeze.

Let's go! We show you what the perfect day in the Prignitz looks like, give you valuable tips and recommendations for your vacation, and tell you which highlights are not to be missed here.

Highlights in the Prignitz

Bike Tour Meet Adebar

A stork in the Elbe

A stork in the Elbe River, photo: TMB photo archive

Cycling through the Elbtalaue, one of Germany's regions richest in storks, to unique natural spectacles.

Heiligengrabe Monastery

Stift zum Heiligengrabe Monastery

Monastery Stift zum Heiligengrabe, Photo: TMB photo archive/Steffen Lehmann

A gem worth seeing: the Stift zum Heiligengrabe monastery is the best-preserved Cistercian monastery in Brandenburg.

Museum railroad Pollo

Pollo Railway Prignitz

Pollo railroad Prignitz, photo: tourism association Prignitz e.V./Roland Meissner

Nostalgic through the vastness of the countryside: When the Pollo puffs through Prignitz, it's not just the hearts of rail fans that beat faster.

Fashion Museum Meyenburg

Fashion Museum Meyenburg Castle

Fashion Museum Meyenburg Castle, Photo: Prignitz Tourism Association e.V./Markus Tiemann

That has style: Meyerburg Castle presents the trends of the 20th century with the most extensive private fashion collection in Europe. Century.

Old oil mill

High Ropes Course Oil Mill Wittenberge

High-ropes course olmuhle Wittenberge, Photo: TMB photo archive/Steffen Lehmann

Climbing, diving, wellness, celebrating, eating, staying overnight – almost anything is possible at the Alte olmuhle Wittenberge.

Lenzerwische Tour

View of the village of Breetz

View of the village of Breetz, photo: TMB photo archive/Steffen Lehmann

This bike tour leads through the typical landscapes of the Prignitz between the Elbe and the Elde estuary and through idyllic villages.

Miracle blood church

Miracle blood church St. Nikolai Bad Wilsnack

Miracle blood church St. Nikolai Bad Wilsnack, Photo: Tourism Association Prignitz e.V./Michael Richter

The Miracle Blood Church made Bad Wilsnack a place of pilgrimage in the Middle Ages. Today the town lies on the pilgrimage route Berlin – Wilsnack.

Kur- & Gradiertherme

Thermal outdoor pool Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme Bad Wilsnack

Thermal outdoor pool Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme Bad Wilsnack, Photo: Kristall Kur- und Gradier-Therme GmbH Bad Wilsnack

The thermal brine and mud spa Bad Wilsnack attracts wellness lovers with warm, iron- and iodine-containing thermal brine from its own spring.

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