Rees Tips Fir Muslimesch Lanner

Rees tips Fir Muslimesch Lanner

A muslimesche Lanner sinn d'Frae besser net eleng ze reesen. A Muslim country has many different rules of etiquette, which must be followed, so as to respect the local traditions and to create a special secherheet for them.

To be able to be unconcealed, do not forget about the appearance of the clothes you are wearing. A muslimesche Lanner, kleet Iech esou bescheide wei meiglech. Forgetting about short skirts on the street. There is no need to disguise all the things that cover the body, which is bad for awakening, but there is a need for a long skirt for a short skirt. When you arrive at the temple, you should wear a foulard to cover your ears. It is not desirable for men to be on the street, it is not desirable to go to a sponge tree.

You have to be aware that when you deal with local men, it is better to stay away from them, because all invitations to eat or a simple conversation for them requires an agreement about close relations. You must also oppassen mat Aenkontakt. When you are looking at the local awunner, there is no need to look around, but if you want to look around, you can always find a sunny spot.

Once a year for a mount, the Muslims have a fast called Ramadan. Et handelt sech em Iessen a Gedrenks fir veieranzwanzeg Stonnen. When a tourist arrives in the country during this special period, it is important to eat for the sake of the visitors who are likely to be there. A number of countries can be arrested for this, for example in the UAE. But a country develops for tourism like Egypt, Tierkei, et gi keng special Restriktiounen op der Post.

A muslim man can easily negotiate the price of the desired product at the market or even at a normal store. When you don't negotiate, there's a big chance to get a good deal at a very low price.

Moslem people have a very interesting culture and a special way of labeling, watching which you can spend a wonderful vacancy, enjoying the local vue, the nature and the temples.

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