SIDEBOARD decorate properly, 5 TIPS that will help you

One of my absolute favorite furniture is the sideboards or the dressers. They always offer so much storage space that I can store all my vases, decorative things and lots of odds and ends in them and also have a good surface to decorate on. In addition, this furniture is often very classically designed, have clean lines and timeless look that they just fit into any room and any style.

However, without the necessary know how, sideboards can quickly become too cluttered and chaotic. Actually, they are perfect for keeping order, but if you stuff them too full or leave them very empty, then they can look very quickly, very ugly.

More know how for sideboard decoration

Sideboards are simply practical, no matter which style we choose. Personally, I prefer timeless style in this furniture, which easily integrates into the room, is simple and has a calm effect. So it is also easier to decorate. I always choose white as color, because it fits best in my home and I like it the most. But you can find z.B. Online a very large selection of sideboards and each can be easily made beautiful with these 5 tips.

1 Different heights and odd numbers

It is very important, in order to create a visually beautiful image, to work with elements at different heights. This can be achieved by using decorations of different sizes, shapes and widths to decorate a sideboard, for example.B. Vases, different decorative elements, table books, magazines, candles, etc. uses.

Then it is always good to arrange several groups consisting of different elements in different sizes and always have an odd number.

Decorate sideboard

2 Less is sometimes actually more

It can be good, of course, if many things are on a sideboard, but these are never randomly placed on it and always belong together. This is not always easy to achieve and it is easier not to overload the area. Personally, I also prefer it clean and think that a full sideboard does not fit into every home. For me, this only looks good in shabby chic or vintage and then the decorative elements really include very special finds.

3 Color harmony

light, light and dark or the other way around. The ratio of colors could look like this. Two elements in dark, one in light or (what I prefer) two in light and one in dark. It is better to avoid too many different colors, it is better to stick to three shades at most. It doesn't have to be the same colors but similar ones that harmonize with each other. Black, white and elements made of wood, for example. Then wood can have several nuances.

4 the right decoration – sideboards must have's

I have of course my personal favorite decorative items, with which I prefer to decorate and which may not be missing in my home. It's up to everyone which decorative items are preferred, but you certainly won't go wrong with these pieces.

This also allows you to achieve the heights and widths, change the shapes and arrange groups. It would be perfect if you have an eye-catcher, something very special, which positively stands out. Maybe a flea market find or a particularly beautiful vase. Something about the overall picture that immediately catches the eye.

5 last but not least – the wall behind it

Mostly a sideboard stands against a wall and this belongs to the decoration. Empty I would not leave it in any case. I always choose to decorate with pictures or mirrors. Pictures are quite practical, because here the possibilities are endless. This can be three large pictures, a collage of several small ones, a combination of both, then in one color tone or in several, completely thrown together with pictures and other wall elements etc. Infinite.

Or a large mirror that catches the eye as an eye-catcher.

The possibilities are great but it should always be coherent

When decorating I always try to see it from different perspectives. Everything harmonizes with each other? Are the colors coherent? Fits the overall picture?

You can work with many materials and colors and elements, it just has to be coherent. But if you use the rule with the heights and shapes, as well as with odd numbers, stick to colors that harmonize, take less rather than too much and have a special piece here and there, then it certainly looks very nice in the end.

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