The James Bond Style: The best tips

The magic of 007? No question about it: it is the incomparable James Bond style that made the literary and film character a style icon. And how can this be translated into everyday life?? We show how you can adapt the James Bond style – without looking dressed up.

You Are Bond!

Before we get into the details of the James Bond style, let's talk about where the fascination with James Bond actually comes from? It is the coolness, coupled with an incorrigible charm – and a good pinch of optimism. The character James Bond grabs on and does not let himself be diverted from his path.

If you want to be inspired by the unmistakable style of James Bond, no matter if you are a woman or a man, you will find inspiration in the smart campaign "You Are Bond by Outletcity". Elegant outfits for re-shopping, fun facts about the film as well as everything about the James Bond lifestyle can be discovered here.

James Bond Style

The James Bond style: Let's start with the suit

Generally speaking, James Bond would never go for a cheap suit. Therefore, you should also rely on high-quality fabrics for your suit. In addition, we recommend cuts that give the body a masculine V figure. The color choice is also relatively simple. Subtle colors are common for 007. So: black, gray, midnight blue or black. Add a classic, but sharply folded pocket square and the James Bond style is perfect – at least when it comes to suits.

When James Bond wears something more casual, he goes for a high-quality sweater – preferably turtleneck and figure-hugging – and a pair of classic denim jeans or cool fabric trousers with side-cut trouser pockets. So that you can always casually put your hands in your host pockets.

Paying attention to the details: The right watch

It is perhaps the most important detail for the perfect James Bond style. The watch. In the past, the spy wore exclusively the Submariner from Rolex. Later, however, other fine brands joined the illustrious round of James Bond watches – among them TAG Heuer, Omega or Breitling. But what they all have in common is the sporty-elegant look.

The perfect watch for your perfect 007 style doesn't even have to be insanely expensive. For example, Sean Connery wore a Gruen Precision Model 510 in "Greetings from Moscow". You can find examples of this 31 mm dresswatch with manual winding in good condition at prices around 400 EUR. By the way, all info on James Bond watches is available at Chrono24 – the world's leading marketplace for luxury watches. All dealers are strictly checked and each watch comes with a guarantee of authenticity. James Bond would like that. 😉

A look at the shoes: Budapester, Oxford or Derby?

By the shoes you recognize the Charakters, it is said. Hardly surprising that James Bond also pays attention to the kicks in his styling. Here, too, the spy keeps it relatively classic. Oxford or Derby shoes are usually found on British feet. In general, the same applies here: It's better to go for quality and buy the shoes directly with the cool suit.

The sunglasses: the cool finish to the James Bond style

James Bond is cool and casual based on his charisma alone. But only the sunglasses give him this unmistakable, non-chalant and at the same time sovereign attitude. But which brand to bet on here? Of course. Ray Ban always goes, but something more extravagant is for example the model from the flick "Spectre". There Daniel Craig as James Bond wears the about 400 EUR expensive (glacier) model of the French brand "Vuarnet" (VL1315). Somewhat more timeless are the Wayfarer sunglasses "Snowdon", which Crag alias 007 wears again in the city.

And the car? Astin Martin of course

Just like James Bond – only with more tinder under the hood: the Aston Martin V12 Vantage Roadster is the optimal vehicle if you want to perfect your James Bond style. If you don't want to spend around 200.If you've got the money to spend on this amazing car, you can also just rent it. And play James Bond for a day. That's enough: even if 007's style is incredibly cool and a real inspiration, we're at least quite happy not to put our lives on the line as spies day after day.

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