These are the top travel destinations in 2018

Summer, vacations, vacation time! It doesn't matter whether it's a beach vacation or a city trip, the main thing is to get away from it all . Summer is the perfect time for a vacation with friends, family, partner or even alone. But where to go? Not only Austria offers many great places to relax: our bloggers show you the most beautiful destinations for 2018 – from Athens to Tel Aviv to Sicily . Camera, sunglasses and sunscreen packed? Then we are ready to go!

# Verona

You've probably been on vacation in Italy since you were a child. Back then, that meant sun, beach and sea. A few years later, when history becomes interesting again and you appreciate a glass of good wine, it's time to reacquaint yourself with the delights of Italy. In Verona, splendid buildings, monuments to a turbulent history, line up with colorful houses with florally decorated balconies. Although the city is busy, especially in summer, you never feel stressed there at any time. Unless you're visiting Juliet Capulet's house, which attracts a lot of tourists because of the famous balcony scene from Shakespeare's tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Otherwise, when strolling through the beautiful old town, you get the feeling that time runs slower here than at home. Just let yourself drift, discover the colorful alleys, browse the many small stores, treat yourself to an ice cream and enjoy delicious pasta or pizza.

Hi, I'm Daniela and I work as an editor for the travel agency TravelBird. I love discovering unusual places away from the tourist crowds. For the corporate blog TravelBird Stories, I regularly write exciting articles about travel together with my colleagues. We present unusual destinations and charming picture book places like Verona. Just drop by!

# Côte d'Azur

When traveling to the Côte d'Azur, one is always spoiled for choice: In which city should I set up my quarters?? In the perfume town of Grasse, which served as the inspiration for author Patrick Suskind's world-famous novel Perfume, or in Cannes, where year after year the stars and starlets walk up the 24 steps to the festival palace? Finally I decided for Nice. The decisive factors were once a small but fine family-run hotel not far from the beach and also the proximity to all the sights, which I could easily reach with a rental car from Nice. Because in addition to the cities already mentioned, a visit to the hinterland should not be missed. Especially recommendable is the artist village Saint-Paul-de-Vence. The small town is not only known as a movie location; in addition, the secluded location attracts famous actors and directors. Also tempting at the Côte d'Azur is the excellent food. Nice in particular is an El Dorado for food lovers. Especially popular is the delicacy Socca. Never heard before? Then it is time! Have fun in Nice!

Gudrun from travel blogger

I have been addicted to the written word since I was a child ; m y career s wish to be a bookseller therefore surprised no one en. In 2010 I started writing and photographing myself. In the meantime I changed jobs and ended up in the tourism industry. I founded my travel blog to take those at home with me on my travels. Do you want to come too?

# Ibiza

Ibiza is known for the wild party life and yes, it really exists. But Ibiza has much more to offer. We show you the romantic side of Ibiza, which you can discover especially in the low season . But also at the beginning or at the end of the party season you are sure to have one or the other party with a few days of beach and romantic flair . Highlight s of the island are the narrow, romantic streets of the city with numerous bars, cafes, restaurants and small stores. If you want a particularly beautiful view of the city, we recommend the Dalt Vila fortress . Incredibly beautiful to visit during sunset.

Ibiza can do much more than party: discover with us the romantic side of the island.

We, Thomas and Ines from Austria, love to travel. Travel is the gin of life for us. Why Gin? Because gin, or rather gin and tonic, is very multifaceted. You never know what to expect. And the same goes for traveling. On our blog we combine our love of travel with our love of gin.

# Bosnia & Herzegovina

My absolute recommendation for a top travel destination in 2018 is Bosnia & Herzegovina. When I traveled to Bosnia, I didn't have the slightest idea about the country. I didn't know that mighty mountains run through the entire landscape or that the holes in the walls of the houses are from the war that raged there until 1995. This is exactly why Bosnia & Herzegovina is one of the most exciting countries I have been to so far. Especially the capital Sarajevo is full of history and at the same time full of joie de vivre. Here different religions and cultures live peacefully together and give Sarajevo a very special atmosphere. It's worth taking the Sarajevo under the Siege tour to learn more about Bosnia's history. In the south of the country, enchanting waterfalls and castle ruins await you, as well as the medieval town of Mostar. Until now Bosnia & Herzegovina is still an insider tip especially among western tourists. One that will reward you with an unforgettable time. For sure.

For the last four years I have been passionately traveling alone as a backpacker to countries in and outside Europe. I try to combine my passion for travel with my love of my homeland. To share and pass on my experiences and adventures, I started my blog "Meet the world" in December 2016. There you will find many tips for planning your trip personally designed by me.

# Tel Aviv

In February this year we flew to Israel for the first time. It didn't take Tel Aviv long to convince us of its beauty. The cosmopolitanism of the inhabitants, the ease of life by the sea and the coolness of the probably hippest city in the Middle East have hit the mark with us directly. Tel Aviv has its own beach – only a few other cities in the region can claim that. Sitting there by the water, drinking a sundowner in the bars and letting the sea breeze blow around your nose is truly wonderful. From the beach you also have the typical view of Tel Aviv, which combines the sea and the skyscrapers in one picture. We also fell in love with the huge selection of hip cafes, bars and restaurants. The offer for vegetarians and vegans is almost as fascinating as the colorful street art that awaits you in all the alleys of Tel Aviv.

Lisa and Benedikt from ohtheplaces

We are Lisa and Benedikt, the faces and creators of the travel blog ohtheplaces.en. In everyday life we work as a teacher and a lawyer, but our great passion is traveling, taking pictures and getting to know distant countries and foreign cultures. The way we travel can best be described with one word: individual. If you're looking for inspiration for new adventures, travel planning tips, and travel stories, you've come to the right place.

# Sicily

During my 8-day tour of Sicily, I got to experience an island full of picturesque landscapes and gorgeous beaches. Since the island is very big and the distances therefore very far, I booked accommodations in Palermo, Catania and Agrigento. Among my highlights are the cities of Cefalú and Syracuse, the excavations of Taormina and Agrigento and the Aeolian Islands. The picturesque old town, a large stone rock and an eternally long sandy beach make Cefalú very special. Syracuse is an idyllic port city with a wonderfully calming atmosphere, pretty alleys and gorgeous views of the sea. For all fans of ancient excavations, I recommend visiting Taormina and Agrigento. From the amphitheater of Taormina you have an incredible panoramic view of the coast and the volcano Etna. In Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples awaits you with temple sites that are still really well preserved. And if you want to see more volcanic islands, you should definitely take a boat trip to the Aeolian Islands!

Discover Sicily with me.

Since May 2017 I blog on and report in the form of diary entries from my travels. But I also always write guides of recommended places, restaurants and sights of my travel destinations. My goal is to inspire you, to provide you with as many tips as possible at a glance and thus to simplify the planning of your trip!

"Exploring an active volcano once" is on your travel bucket list? Then on to Sicily! Etna is not only the landmark of Sicily, but also Europe's most powerful and highest volcano, from whose pores it always steams, often smokes and occasionally shoots lava. Whether you climb the mountain on foot, prefer to be brought up by cable car and car or comfortably circumnavigate Etna by train – I am sure that you will also be impressed by this almost bizarre landscape. Black lava rock as far as the eye can see! In between the colorful Etna broom and other special plants are shining. Sometimes snow fields shimmer out and if you look closely, you will see small clouds of smoke floating up from the ground. A visit to Etna will show you the destructive power of a volcano, but it will also show you that even in places that seem barren at first glance, new life can come to life. And, when will you visit Etna?

Hello, I am the flight duck, a photography-crazy Upper Austrian, who chatter on her blog about her travel experiences. Ride a roller coaster in a theme park, get lost in the winding streets of a city, immerse yourself in a world before my time in an open-air museum, enjoy fantastic panoramic views from a mountain and end the day with a colorful sunset – my interests in traveling are as varied as my posts on the blog are colorful.

# Athens

Berlin, Barcelona, Lisbon – Athens! When it comes to deciding which city will be the next trendy metropolis in Europe, it's clear to me: Athens is pulsating with life, artists occupy crumbling or empty buildings and organize exhibitions and parties. Besides the old town of Plaka and classic sights like the Acropolis or the Agora, I also recommend you to make extensive forays through the districts of Psiri, Gazi, Kerameikos and Exarchia. The latter has attracted attention in the past as a center of riots and civil unrest, but during the day you'll find cool street art, hip bars and taverns, and the best gyros in town! In Psiri and Gazi you can browse for hours in vintage stores, try out the hottest rooftop bars or just go for a spin around the houses in the evening. Last but not least: You should never leave Athens without experiencing the view from the observation deck of the 277 meter high Lycabettus mountain! And of course you can combine your city trip with a trip to one of the nearby islands like Hydra or Serifos, which you can easily reach by ferry from Piraeus.

Hey, I'm Karin, freelance editor and ex-expat: my blog Lemons & Volcanoes was born in 2015 in southern Italy, somewhere between the bubbling Vesuvius and the sweet lemons of the Amalfi Coast – nomen est omen. After five years in Naples, my home base is back in Vienna, but my longing for foreign sounds, southern sun and the sound of the sea regularly draws me far away. I share my travel tips in various German-language media and of course on my blog.


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