This is how the transfer to a permanent position from temporary employment works


This is how the transfer to a permanent position from temporary employment works

For many temporary workers, temporary employment is the perfect entry into their dream job. Not only do many employees find their way back into working life in this way, temporary workers can also "stick" in a company, i.e. be taken on in a permanent position by the user company. This "sticking effect" is even relatively common and offers numerous advantages. Both parties already know each other and can therefore save themselves the complete application and training process. In addition to the "glue effect", temporary employment also has a "bridge effect". This is the case when a job seeker re-enters professional life through temporary employment and later finds a permanent position with another company.

But how does it actually work with the transfer of a temporary employee into a permanent position?? In the following, we provide you with the most important explanations and tips on what you should bear in mind when taking over a temporary employee.

How does the transfer to a permanent position work??

If a temporary worker feels comfortable in the company to which he is currently loaned out and if the company is also convinced of him, it can come to a takeover in the temporary employment agency. The existing contract between the temporary worker and the staffing agency is terminated and a new contract is agreed between the employee and the company.

Usually, the personnel service provider receives a placement fee from the company that takes over the temporary worker. This is usually based on the annual income of the placed employee. At Dahmen, the takeover of the desired temporary worker is even free of charge. This way nothing stands in the way of permanent employment.

What do I have to bear in mind as a temporary worker in the event of a takeover??

Basically, a takeover is nothing more than a regular job change – only without the nerve-racking application process. The employee must also submit a notice of termination in due time in order to be able to change to a permanent position with the employer of his choice. If the staffing agency does not agree to terminate the contract prematurely, the temporary worker must continue to work for the temporary employment agency until the end of the notice period. Only then can they start working for the new company – once the new contract has been signed, of course. By the way: Even if the temporary worker has already worked for the company, a probationary period of up to six months can still be agreed upon.

Professional personnel service providers such as DAHMEN Personalservice help temporary workers find their way into permanent employment. DAHMEN helps you organize the transfer and actively assists you in getting your new dream job.

What do I have to consider as a company during a takeover??

If you as a company are convinced by a temporary worker and want to take him on, there are a number of things you must bear in mind. Some staffing agencies charge a placement fee for the transferred employee. This is usually based on the expected salary. The usual commission is between one and three months' gross salary, but decreases with the duration of the assignment. A temporary worker may be on loan to your company for a maximum of 18 months (with some exceptions), if he works longer for you, you are even obliged to offer him a permanent position. By the way: When signing a contract with a temporary employment agency, you should make sure that there is no non-solicitation clause, etc. has been agreed. This is legally invalid – as the hirer, you always have the option of taking on a temporary worker.

DAHMEN Personalservice actively supports you in the takeover of your desired temporary employee. To make it as easy as possible for you, the pick up after an agreed period is even free of charge.

What is the difference between a normal job change and a takeover?

Legally, there is no difference, which means that in both cases it must be on notice, etc. be respected. However, there is a big difference. With temporary staffing, the company already knows the desired employee. Thus, the complete application process can be omitted and the company can informally offer the potential employee an employment contract. If the takeover comes about, the training phase is also omitted, as the employee is already familiar with the subject matter. However, a probationary period can also be agreed after a takeover. For companies with works councils, there's still a difference. The company must then advertise the position to be filled internally, so that the temporary worker can apply for it. However, the takeover is then still dependent on the approval of the works council.

Transfer from temporary employment – advantages

Taking on a temporary worker offers numerous advantages for both sides:

Advantages of taking on the temporary employee:

  • Can get to know the company before deciding on it
  • Application process is not necessary
  • Easy entry into the dream job with permanent employment
  • Smooth transition without bridging time
  • No new training phase
  • Familiar working environment

Advantages of a takeover for the company:

  • No lengthy application process necessary
  • Can "test" temporary workers first
  • Cost savings due to omission of application and training process
  • Already knows the employee
  • Smooth transition
  • Hire qualified employees easily

With professional personnel service providers like DAHMEN, the takeover goes smoothly for both sides. We help you with the organization and pave the way for a successful employment relationship.

How to increase the chances of being taken on from temporary employment?

Temporary workers can do a number of things to increase their chances of being taken on. On the one hand, you should show commitment and convince the company with your work, and on the other hand, you should of course also show interest in a long-term cooperation. To convince the company of yourself, it is also good to show yourself in your best light – but of course you should not pretend. So be punctual, loyal and a team player and convey to the company that you enjoy your work. In addition, it is also allowed to ask for takeover possibilities. However, you should not be too hasty in your approach, because a company does not always take on a temporary worker after just two months. Have patience and leave a positive impression in the meantime. Then nothing stands in the way of a takeover.

Simply switch to a permanent position with DAHMEN Personalservice

DAHMEN Personalservice offers companies and temporary workers many models with which a takeover is easier than ever before. Whether with "classic" temporary employment or our "Try & Hire" and "Try & Educate" models – we provide you with exactly the employees you need for your company. Thanks to us, numerous temporary workers have already found their way into permanent employment.

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