Tips for sustainable travel

Every_one of us likes to go on vacation, relax and take a break from the stressful daily routine. However, more than all of us, now nature is ready for a vacation. It would need a vacation from the global warming, from the garbage and from the human intervention. I love to recharge my batteries in nature, to listen to the sound of the sea and the chirping of the birds and to take a deep breath of a unique feeling of freedom. But not only we want to experience this feeling, but also the people of the next generations should be allowed to experience this feeling. But what if this will not be possible? Every person can contribute to sustainability and support the Earth instead of destroying it. Everybody can make a small contribution and together we leave a big ecological footprint!

In this blog post you will find some tips for eco-friendly travel that are quite simple to implement. Have fun reading and implementing!

Tip – pack correctly, saves pain in the neck

The trip starts already at home: enough pants, enough t-shirts and then 5 bikinis – one for each day! In the end you need a third or maximum half of the packed clothes. If you take the minimum amount of luggage, you already contribute to sustainable travel, because the lighter the luggage, the less emissions are emitted by the means of transportation. In addition, you save yourself from lugging around the heavy luggage.

Tip – chosen vacation destination, sustainability four times as much

The destination does not always have to be on the other side of the world. Sometimes there are beautiful places close by that you don't even know about because you always think you have to go far away or to the sea! With closer vacation destinations, it's great to avoid flights and take a long-distance bus or train for a change. Because did you know that if you take the long-distance bus instead of the airplane, you will save almost 90% CO2? And not to forget: You will also get to know your home or the surrounding area better.

Tip – own water bottle, keeps more money in your pocket

Litter is also a big issue with travelers. High summer temperatures make you thirsty, but do you have to buy a new bottle of water every time to throw it away after 10 minutes?? Of course I have a simple and sustainable solution for this: Take a refillable water bottle from home, so you don't have to buy more water bottles all the time and in the best case the bottle is made of glass and you don't produce more plastic waste. Besides, drink water without plastic particles, it tastes much better too!

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