Tips for traveling to York with teenagers

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: If you are visiting New York with children or teenagers, you should plan your trip carefully in advance. The city is too big to experience spontaneously. When the needs of parents AND children are taken into account, (almost) nothing can go wrong. Some tips on what families should not miss in New York can be found here. [from 8 years]

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: It is recommended to book an apartment in New York, where everyone has space to retreat in between. The safe Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn is a good and safe base camp for the whole family. There are of course other starting points, but if you are staying in New York for a week, an apartment is almost better than a hotel. Do not leave children alone in New York, the city is too hectic and too confusing.

When arriving by plane, families should compare prices well. You can compare flights yourself on the internet or get advice at a travel agency.

Here are some examples of what families shouldn't miss in New York.

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: Empire State Building by night

A tourist must-do is the Empire State Building at night. Although it costs € 25 each for the standard ticket to 86. Floor, but that is enough despite numerous advertisements of ticket sellers for VIP tickets with short waiting times and with a ride up to the 102nd floor. Floor. The view of the millions of lights of the street canyons as well as of Hudson and East River are heavily impressive. Tip: Around 21.00 o'clock the waiting times upstairs are not really long, but downstairs queues can form at the elevator. Shorten the wait a bit by walking the floors (80. to 86. Floor) goes up on foot.

Who likes can walk from there to Times Square! A very special experience with children. Everything is lit up as bright as day and the billboards are constantly changing in huge, colorful neon signs.

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: Central Park best in the rain

As a contrast to skyscrapers, street canyons, seas of lights and crowds, Central Park serves as an example when it rains. Here there is green for the eye, birdsong and tranquility. So it is best to wait until it rains in New York and then go to Central Park. You can of course visit Central Park in nice weather, but it will be much more crowded then.

Museum of natural history

Also suitable for a rainy day is the Museum of natural history, located at 81. Street. A subway leads directly there (B-Train or C-Train, the former only on weekdays). 45 halls to walk through. There is a ticket for just visiting the halls, plus special shows and guided tours, for which you then pay a corresponding surcharge on the "standard ticket". This can be selected at the machines, there are also very friendly "supervisors" everywhere, who help you to book the tickets via these machines.

The best thing to do is to discuss with the children what they want to see. One then settles on a few halls and a maximum of one or two special shows. Three to four hours time should be planned here already. In the basement there is a "food court2, not "haute cuisine" but exactly what teenagers want: Hamburgers, fries, pizza and the like. Earth and Space" halls, the Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Hall right at the entrance, Human Evolution, Dinosaurs, American Wildlife, and Ocean Life are definitely worth your while. In the hall "American Wildlife2″children can look for hidden animals in the display cases, which is fun even for older children. Tip: It is better to queue at the main gate and not at the subway entrance where it is stuffy and cramped.

Grand Central Station

Even if it sounds exaggerated, Grand Central Station is one of the most beautiful train stations in the world and is a must-see when visiting New York with teens. Huge marble halls, candelabra on the ceilings, a fantastic ceiling painting, beautiful entrances to the tracks and the once again large crowds impress hard. Nearby, by the way, is the Chrysler Building, one of the landmarks for New York, which you can then also visit from there ?take? can.

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: Subway New York

When visiting New York, families are sure to use the subway as well. It is not only transportation in New York, but a good place to immerse yourself in American culture, fashion culture, conversational culture, behaviors and language families learn here on the spot. It is also worth looking at the advertisements in the subway, here you can learn a lot about the American society.

It is also worthwhile to look carefully out of the window when the subway is running above, like at the Manhattan Bridge. There is a big sign on a house: "Raising a child in a NYC apartment is like growing an oak in a thimble". Here you may be glad to visit New York only with the children and not live there forever.

Brooklyn Bridge

It's part of a visit to New York with kids to walk across this beautiful suspension bridge over the East River, from where you can see the Manhattan skyline when coming from Brooklyn. Tip: It's best to go early in the morning or in the evening when the city lights are on.

Tips for trip to York with teenagers: Staten Island Ferry – New York also times favorably!

The cheapest way to get wonderful views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island (museum on the history of immigration in the United States, certainly worth an extra visit) and the New York harbor from the water, namely at zero cost. The crossing takes about 25 minutes. If you want to visit the historic sites in Staten Island, you should find out beforehand how to get there and also agree beforehand who wants to see what.

Also still nice and worth seeing in New York with teens:

Fort Greene flea market, always on Saturdays; evening stroll along the Brooklyn waterfront, Prospect Park Brooklyn and Brooklyn Botanical Garden. And Ground Zero. Note the oaks planted around the pools, marking the foundations of the buildings that no longer exist, and the ?survival tree? ? the only non-oak tree, the tree that survived the whole disaster.

Tips for traveling to York with teenagers: and shopping is also part of the trip

And if you have teenagers, shopping is of course part of the fun! Recommendable are the Fulton Street Mall in Brooklyn and Jersey Garden (a huge shopping mall outlet just outside of NYC, with subway A-line to 42. Street – Port Authority Bus Terminal ? – Get there bus tickets round trip to Jersey Garden, 13 euros each, approx. 40 minute bus ride), plan a day for the latter.

By the way, despite being in a hectic big city, New Yorkers are very helpful. Who does not know further, simply ask and "you are helped completely surely."

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