Travel credit cards in comparison

We present you 4 credit cards for abroad, where you pay no annual fee and can withdraw money worldwide free of charge and also make cashless payments. Completely free of foreign transaction or foreign currency fees. One of the cards even offers free travel insurance.

In the Eurozone, but especially in countries with other currencies, using the wrong card can quickly become very expensive. Foreign use or foreign currency fees between 1.5 and 2.5% with minimum fees of 5 euros are common. Also with the acceptance of Girocards like Vpay or maestro it can come to problems, if you are abroad on the road.


A note that applies to all credit cards in Germany

ATM operators abroad sometimes charge their own fees, over which your bank has no influence. Therefore they are not reimbursed. This is widespread for example in Thailand or in the USA. These fees are always displayed before the withdrawal, so you can cancel the withdrawal.


1. The DKB Visa Credit Card

  • No annual fee
  • Free current account included
  • Charge card with credit line
  • Withdraw money worldwide for free (active customer)
  • Worldwide free cashless payments (active customer)
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay

It is the classic credit card for vacation and travel. There is no annual fee and you get a free current account in addition. The account is the reference account and is used for monthly billing. The DKB credit card is not available without the DKB Cash current account.

It is a charge card, i.e. a credit card with a credit line that is billed once a month.

With it you can withdraw money worldwide free of charge and make cashless payments. But here is one condition. After 6 months you need a minimum monthly deposit of 700 euros. If you don't have this, cash withdrawals and cashless payments are only free in the Eurozone. Outside of this 2.2% foreign currency fees will be charged.

The DKB credit card can also be used free of charge with Apple Pay and Google Pay, i.e. with any smartphone that has an NFC chip.

2. The barclaycard Visa credit card

  • No annual fee
  • Withdraw money worldwide free of charge
  • Worldwide free cashless payments
  • Revolving card with credit line
  • Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • 50€ starting credit

The barclaycard credit card also comes with no annual fee and both cash withdrawals and cashless payments are free worldwide. Unlike the DKB card, you can use it with your existing account at any other bank.

No minimum turnover or similar is required.

The barclaycard Visa is a so-called revolving card. It is therefore a real credit card, where you have the choice of paying off the accumulated payments and withdrawals once a month or repaying them in installments over several months. The latter comes with high interest rates.

We therefore recommend that you switch the card to full payment. This is very easy to do in the app to the map. So you have an up to 8 weeks long interest free payment term.

With the barclaycard Visa you can also use both Apple Pay and Google Pay free of charge. So it doesn't matter if your smartphone is an iPhone or an Android device.

For barclaycard you currently receive 50 euros starting credit if you have reached a minimum turnover of at least 100 euros within 4 weeks after receipt. Sales do not have to be in one sum.

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