Vietnam or Sri Lanka: Our tips for the indecisive

Unique landscapes, beautiful nature and cultural treasures – it is not easy to decide between Vietnam and Sri Lanka. That’s why our experts have 5 tips ready for you to help you find your perfect travel destination.

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1. Best time to travel and travel duration


Vietnam can be traveled all year round. Due to the different climate zones and the rainy season, you should plan your trip carefully beforehand. Our experts recommend the following travel times:

Since Vietnam with an area of more than 331.000 km 2 is quite a big country, you should also have enough time to explore it sufficiently. We recommend a minimum travel time of 8 days. Learn more about the perfect travel time for Vietnam.

Vietnam: On the way along the Mekong Canal in Ben Tre

Vietnam: On the road along the Mekong Canal in Ben Tre

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is also a suitable destination all year round. However, due to the different climate zones and the rainy season, different travel times are recommended here as well:

Central region

South and west coast and highlands

In contrast to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, with an area of ca. 65.000 km 2 a relatively small country and is therefore suitable for travelers who have little time to spare. However, you should not forget the arrival time. Read more about the perfect travel time in Sri Lanka.

Stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka

Stilt fishermen in Sri Lanka

2. Landscape and nature


Vietnam inspires with its untouched landscape and unique nature. Here you will find not only lush rice terraces, dense rainforests and enchanting mountain landscapes, but also white sandy beaches and idyllic bays. Some of these fantastic natural treasures are even UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as Halong Bay with its unique water landscape or Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park with the largest cave in the world.

You can get an impression of the unique landscape of Vietnam and the beautiful Halong Bay in this video:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka also has a lot to offer nature enthusiasts and enchants with lush green landscapes, tea plantations and tropical rainforests as well as with dreamlike bathing beaches. Sri Lanka is especially known for its countless national parks and the incredible biodiversity of animals and plants. Here you can see not only buffalos and elephants, but also leopards in the wild. The Sinharaja National Park and the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka, both of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are also worth a visit.

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